Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back Home Again Hodgepodge

crossing the Mississippi River at the Quad Cities in Iowa/Illinois
Would you believe that since I last sent out a Hodgepodge, Beloved and I have driven to the Midwest to visit family and come back?!! We enjoy seeing family but living out of a suitcase is not for me .... and we enjoy our own bed at night.

This was our second trip this summer where crossing the Mississippi River was necessary, although this trip had us on a bridge many miles away from the one earlier in the summer. I marvel that this picture is as good as it is since it was taken sideways from our moving car. 

But onto the weekly Hodgepodge questions ...

1. What was the last thing you did on the spur of the moment?

On Monday of this week I transplanted a large potted palm to a bigger container for The Cook on Fifth Street. As I got started, Beloved took one look at my brand new solid white sleeveless shell top and suggested I change into other clothes, which I did.

2. How well informed do you feel about the current Syrian refugee crisis?

This past weekend I was able to speak with an acquaintance who went on a mission trip to minister to  refugees from Syria, to help them deal with the trauma they've experienced. 

3. What have you changed your mind about?

My opinions about current events remain pretty stable, but I have changed my mind several times about where I think Beloved and I should retire (and I'll most likely change my mind again!).

4. A medium-sized non-poisonous snake found its way into the pool trap this weekend. If you'd been sitting poolside, would you have fished it out? Gone running? Called for help? Pretended not to know? Continued swimming?

First, I would get as far away as possible from the snake and then I would inform someone in a position of responsibility for the pool area. ANY snakes, worms, night crawlers -- no slithery reptiles for me!!

5. September 10th is National TV Dinner Day ... what's your idea of a great TV dinner? (or at least a pretty good one!)

My days of eating real TV dinners are over due to my food allergies. However, anything I do eat can be consumed in front of the TV and sometimes is.

6. Samuel Johnson is quoted as saying, "Courage is reckoned the greatest of all virtues; because, unless a man has that virtue, he has no security for preserving any other." Would you agree? Where have you seen that played out recently? What's the second greatest virtue?

I believe LOVE is the greatest virtue and then courage comes after that.

As for where we've seen courage played out recently, Mrs. Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky, gets my vote. She most definitely stood strong for matters of conscience and religious liberty in the face of great adversity. She also maintained a calm exterior through it all. I marvel at her self-control.

7. What are three words you have trouble remembering how to spell?

Occasionally, accommodations, a cappella 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Castle Rock
In these days where lawlessness seems to be escalating at an alarming rate not only overseas but now in the USA, we must humble ourselves before God, confess and turn away from our sins, and obey His Word.

If my people, 
who are called by my name,
will humble themselves 
and pray
and seek my face
and turn from their wicked ways,
then I will hear from heaven,
and I will forgive their sin
and will heal their land.
II Chronicles 7:14

The name of the LORD
is a strong tower:
the righteous man runs into it and is safe.
Proverbs 18?10

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  1. I enjoyed your Hodgepodge! Nice photos too!

  2. Oh, there is just no place like home for sure!!!! Hubby and I have been here in Oklahoma for 8 days at our daughters helping them out and I am so ready to head home. But, so glad that we could be here for them and help them during this tough time. I'll be back blogging soon.

  3. Definitely good to be back home after travels. I'm with you on the snake issue! lol
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. We've been living out of suitcases since June it seems, and it is tiresome. We have more travel on the fall calendar, short trips, but still not home in our own bed. I guess we'll stay put more once winter gets here. There's no place like home, is there? I'm trying to catch up a bit on last week's HP before next week rolls around!