Saturday, August 29, 2015

Whachabendoin? My Week at a Glance

flowers at the public library
It's a laid-back Saturday morning. We have had our breakfast and stacked the dishes by the sink. For an hour on this morning every week, Beloved and I like to sit at the table, each with our laptop, and check email in companionable silence. 

Today I have made a little photo-log of what's occupied my calendar and my thoughts since last week at this time.

Denver International Airport
On the weekends Beloved and I enjoy just getting out in the car and driving around. We use Jan's line from the Toyota TV commercials, "Let's go places!" We are very blessed here along Colorado's Front Range that there are lots of places to see for the price of gas and nothing more. 

We heard that near one of the parking lots at Denver International Airport there is a big field of sunflowers, and so we trekked out there to find them and take some pictures. But alas, we never did see them! In spite of carefully watching all the exit signs, we somehow missed the very one we needed and never saw a single flower.

We did, however, see the horrid blue stallion that greets people as they approach the terminal. He is an eyesore and a topic of critical conversation in the Denver area. I snapped this picture from a distance while the car was moving, not wanting to give him any more glory than that. He is not even white like the white horse mascot for the Denver Broncos (named Miles, since Denver is a mile-high). 

Blucifer (not his real name) looks like he's from the pit of .... with a dark blue body, glaring red eyeballs, and reared up on his hind legs. His creator was killed while making him -- Blucifer fell over on him and somebody else had to finish the project. And still the ugly thing is the greeter to DIA's visitors. 

a gluten-free pizza crust mix
Most Saturday nights for the past nearly 45 years we have had pizza for supper. Of course that habit got complicated after I learned I was gluten intolerant. I've tried all manner of things for our pizza crust, but this is my current favorite. I wish I could show you my plate from last Saturday night, but I was eating in front of the football game and completely forgot to snap a picture!

friend preaching the morning sermon

On Sunday we did not go to our usual church but visited instead a congregation we used to attend. A dear friend of ours is a seminary student and was the guest preacher that morning. I trust he will forgive me for cropping off his head in this picture... I did not ask permission to post his picture on my blog... He did a fine job and shared a message from God's Word that we all needed to hear.

recent sewing accomplishments
Sewing is one of my favorite pastimes, and this week was no exception. The autumn-themed fabrics are out in the stores now, so I've had fun playing around with them in various combinations. The Kandy Korn fabric was my theme and then I chose others to compliment that.

a good book from the public library
Reading cookbooks is another favorite pastime I've enjoyed all of my adult life. I spent a lot of time this week capturing the recipes from this book about salads.  Beloved even commented a night or two ago that I can make "a mean salad."  I give this book a lot of the credit for that.

a Happy Meal for Beloved
While I make homemade gluten-free waffles for us on Saturday mornings, we also have "Waffle Wednesday" around here. That's when, due to the brevity of time, I toast a pre-made wheat waffle for Beloved. Let's just say that I like to play with food!

Granddaughter Number 5 enjoying her breakfast
Surfer Girl sent me this picture of one of our granddaughters enjoying her very first green smoothie!! It was made of spinach, peach, and banana. Start 'em young and they will love healthy eating!!

Speaking of my grandchildren, we have heard reports recently that Grandson Number 1 is doing well with his trumpet lessons, has a bent for creative writing(!!) and is not shy of donning a pair of lederhosen for a costume party. Granddaughter Number 1 can pass for a good Alice in Wonderland and has been making her own printing press with styrofoam. Granddaughter Number 2 is studying about Stonehenge and made her own version of it with Rice Krispie Treats. (Her siblings then ate her homework!). 

a new perspective of Stonehenge

Grandson Number 2 has plans today to make Armenian Gata with his mother in the kitchen (a sweet pastry, similar in taste to coffee cake). Grandson Number 3 is making great strides with his handwriting and Grandson Number 4 loves his new school teacher this year. 

Granddaughters 3 and 4 and Grandsons 5 and 6 have all been very busy, too, although details have not been made available as of press time (smile). 

Have I thoroughly confused my readers? To sum it up, I have 11 grandchildren ranging in age from 15 years to 4 months (as of today!). Some attend a private Christian school, some are homeschooled, and some just vie for constant attention while the siblings are studying. I seldom post pictures of the older ones for reasons of privacy and security -- you understand.

in bookstores now

Sue texted me on Thursday to say she was getting ready to settle in with some tea and a good book. I liked that idea, so I ran out to buy the same book and read the entire thing in 2 days. (It was an intense read, so I added some dairy-free chocolate chips to the experience)

I highly recommend the book, and will conclude this discussion by saying that the sooner you read it, the better. 

the process of dehydrating apples

On Friday I multi-tasked with reading the above-mentioned book and drying 13 Pink Lady apples. I like to put together my own trail mix, which includes fruits from my dehydrator. That green tool pictured above is a handy gadget recommended by Sister for making the task faster and easier. After coring and slicing the apples with this thing, I then cut each of the slices into 4 thinner slices (discarding any imperfections along the way) for faster drying. 

heading down to the basement
This exercise was not without exercise! We keep the dehydrator in the basement because the motor drones on for hours and one doesn't want to have to listen to it on the main floor. This batch of 8 trays of apple slices took 7 hours to dry and many trips down and back up these stairs to get the job done. 

more flowers at the public library
I've now come full circle with my week. Beloved has some work to do in the office this morning, but blessedly, his employer prefers people to work from home all the time, so he will just be down the hall. 

We have leisurely plans for the rest of the weekend, which includes church tomorrow. I hope my readers have a strong Gospel-teaching church as well.


  1. Well, I so enjoyed sharing in your week. The Stonehenge was so creative, must take after her Grandmother. :o)) Love all your quilting on the wall and tables, so pretty. I haven't even thought about fall decor just yet, I've got to get the regular decor done first. :o) Happy weekend to you and Beloved!

  2. Whew!! You had quite a week! Just keeping up with 11 grandchildren is a fulltime job, let alone drying apples and cooking delicious meals. Happy weekend!

  3. You sure know how to make people smile (ok, ok, me, giggling). I loved the candy corn sewing project, loved all of your post, truly I did. Thank you for sharing and for the smiles. Have a Blessed Sunday.