Sunday, August 16, 2015

Reviewing the Resource of Time

It is a Sunday evening. Beloved is watching an old World War II movie on TV because whatever they are showing on Hallmark is a much-repeated re-run. I have the desire to create a blog post but with the movie on in the background I can't think deeply enough to write serious stuff. 

A simple solution is to review this past week's activities. As a result you, my reader, are in luck. This post will be mostly pictures!

Oatmeal cookies
I'll start off with a treat that is good for anyone, but most especially for my gluten-intolerant friends. This is a wonderful oatmeal cookie made up of gluten-free rolled oats (use Bob's Red Mill brand). The recipe came from 125 Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes by Carol Fenster. I highly recommend the book because in the few weeks since I purchased it, I have made several of the recipes that were very satisfying to my palate. 

Due to copyright laws, I cannot give you the recipe, but look up the book. It's a great resource for the gluten-intolerant. (you might find it in your public library)

projects-in-process on the design wall
This has been a very productive week in the sewing room, too. Autumn fabrics are easily found in all the stores right now, so I spent a gift card on several cuts and had a lot of fun making table toppers.

morning sunlight in my study
A few weeks ago I completely rearranged all the furniture in my sewing room and then this past week I hung some of my pink quilted projects on the wall. Yes, yes, I know it's "busy" looking, but it's my personal retreat and I love it like this. 

Mornings are my favorite time of day in this room, with the sun shining in through the shutters. I try to arrange my schedule to be in this room when the sun is out.

a fun idea
In a public waiting room, I thumbed through a magazine and saw several good ideas. Rather than rudely ripping out the pages for myself, it occurred to me that I could snap pictures of the ideas with my phone camera. These handy cameras are good for all manner of things!

how to properly hold a microphone
This was my first week to attend the rehearsal of our church worship team. Although I've been in vocal choirs and ensembles  most of my life, it occurred to me that I had never held a microphone before. I contacted a professional in my family and asked several questions to help me prepare. Her advice served me well.

the project of installing under-cabinet lights in the kitchen
We decided that although the black cabinets in our kitchen are strikingly beautiful, more light would be very pleasing. Beloved did a lot of research and bought the supplies at IKEA. Then he enlisted the help of his namesake to install them on Saturday. I emptied the cabinets and cleared the countertops so they could do  their work. It only took them a couple of hours -- Beloved's careful pre-planning made everything so  much easier.

Completed project
Light is a beautiful thing, making a multitude of tasks so much easier.

A new week has begun, the gift of the resource of time. How will we use it?


  1. Beautiful!!! The cookies look good and I loveeeeee your office. Thank you for sharing...your kitchen is so pretty....have a wonderful Monday, friend.

  2. I love the look in your office and don't find it "busy" at all! Lovely! I am pleased to not be gluten intolerant so will stick with my old-fashioned cookie recipes. It is wonderful that there are so many options now for people dealing with gluten intolerance. The under-cabinet lighting looks wonderful! They have really brightened the area quite nicely. Have a good rest of the day!