Thursday, July 23, 2015

Showin' Off the Latest

new quilt for the dining room 
Last week my big project was landscaping. This week much of my focus has been to make a wall quilt for the dining room.  

I wanted something fairly neutral and a little more contemporary in design so I can put seasonal colors on the dining table without a major conflict. The quilt had to have black since our kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are black, along with much of our furniture and many accessories.

The pattern is called "Block Party," designed by Donna Poster. You can see her pattern (P-64)  at this link:

The pattern is very quick and can be made to any size you desire. This one is 48 inches square, made up of sixteen 12-inch blocks.

I used a solid black, a couple of blacks with a white print, several beiges/tans/brown prints, a solid brown (that almost looks salmon in these photos, but it's really brown), and some white-whites to coordinate with the white columns in the dining room, the white shutters and white wood work.

Instead of quilting this project, I chose to tie it off, so to speak, by tacking down odd pieces of jewelry, silverware, and various metal charms that I could find around the house. 

a silver baby spoon from my years as a young mother

I lost the partner to this earring last year but saved this one

a silver key that came as "bling" on a purse

a brass button with a nautical theme and a copper-looking fob from a greeting card!

an animal pin from my jewelry box

It was such fun whipping up this quilt in less than a week's time, and being able to personalize it with my own special touches. 

Also, as many quilters can attest, I did not have to buy any additional fabrics to put this quilt together because I had all of this material in my "stash." It was almost "something from nothing"!!

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  1. It really looks fabulous. Very creative and very beautiful! I love the metal touches you sewed to it. Awesome!