Saturday, July 11, 2015

Open My Eyes

view of the Rocky Mountains from my dining room window

As we drove through Kansas a few days ago, on our way home from a wonderful visit with all of our children, an odd haze covered all of the sky. 

That haze stayed with us well over 400 miles and was hanging over our house when we pulled into the driveway. It wasn't until we watched the local TV evening news that we learned the haze was smoke from fires burning in Idaho, Montana, and Canada and drifting our way.

smoke nearly obscured a hill less than 2 miles away

The smoke was so thick that we couldn't see much past our own neighborhood. Normally, we are very blessed to have views of the mountains nearly every day, so when anything obscures that sight, it is disappointing. 

We had rain Thursday night. On Friday morning we awoke to clear blue skies and the mountains were once again revealed. The rain had washed the atmosphere (and maybe the wind had changed directions).

This little story reminds me of how our Lord uses scripture to enable us to clearly see truth. Oh, how we need to remember and apply this verse!

Open my eyes to see 
the wonderful truths in your instructions.

Psalm 119:18 New Living Translation

the view from our front porch on Friday morning

There is a dear hymn that expands on this thought:


  1. Bet you were sure glad to wake up to clear skies Friday morning. I love that song and it's been a long while sing I've heard it. One of the "oldies but goldies." Happy new week!

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  3. Glad the smoke had cleared! Interesting photos!