Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gone Fishin'

My husband has been working very hard of late, so with all the accumulated overtime, he was able to take a day off mid-week to go fishing. We go together. He fishes while I read and do needlework. 

After driving about 90 minutes to our favorite location, the first thing we do is find a picnic table tucked into the trees....

... with one notable form of civilization near by.

Beloved uses the back of his Ford to suit up for the occasion.

Then he assembles his fly rod ...

... and pulls out his bug collection to decide which one he will use this time. 

This is the one part of the day when our hobbies line up in similarity. I thread needles for appliqué while he threads the fishing line through the dry fly.

The scariest part of the day is when he makes his way down a steep dirt hill to get to the stream. (coming back up isn't any easier)

I always linger for a while as he gets started. I love to watch him cast the line, although it is virtually impossible to get a good picture of the line swirling in the air when using a phone camera.

Then as I make my way back to the picnic table and my own hobbies, I usually stop to take photos of nature.

On this particular day I saw a lot of rose hips, something different from all the wild flowers strewn along the path.

I settled into the bench at the picnic table but before picking up my needlework, I spent a little more time just gazing at the most amazing surroundings in every direction.

My project was an appliqué of Kansas Sunflowers. I plan to combine them with some patchwork for a wall hanging.

I want to be sure to show you my shoes. For years I debated about buying some Keens -- they aren't pretty Barbie shoes, but they really are comfortable and with or without socks, they are perfect for my casual life style. They've got good tread on them for hiking.

Any time I'm doing something really fun, like sewing, taking a break to eat is almost a nuisance.  But Beloved had been in the water for quite some time, so when I saw him approaching, I tucked my supplies away and pulled out his sandwich and my salad.

Along with the usual picnic ants, Chip 'n Dale showed up, anticipating handouts. Beloved started to toss this fellow a nut but I quickly stopped him. I didn't want to be pestered by these guys after lunch was over and I would be sewing again. (In spite of my penchant for whimsey, practicality more often wins out.)

With lunch behind us, Beloved returned to the stream with his bugs.

It's amazing to me how a man can find such pleasure just standing in knee-deep water and repeatedly casting a line in search of trout.

I happened to look up and saw three jets with contrails high above us, as if in formation.  Maybe they were trying to do that? I dunno.

I had been sitting most of the day, so when Beloved was ready to move up stream, he invited me to come along. 

I packed up my sewing in the car and then we walked a very long way on the road by the stream, looking for a perfect place to drop a line. I sat on the ground and waited while Beloved fished, simply enjoying the excuse to be busy with absolutely nothing!

After a couple hours of fishing and walking, we headed back to the car and loaded up.

A total of three trout were caught that day: one in the stream that was too small to keep ...

... and two at the Cracker Barrel on the way home! Yum!!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day away for you two! Great photos.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for sharing, I always enjoy getting to know blogging friends better. Sigh, no Cracker Barrel here....smiles. Have a lovely Friday.