Sunday, July 12, 2015

Benefits of Decorating with Quilts

pieced table cloth in Irish Chain design
My brown bungalow is brown inside and out. It's the base color used in various shades (carpet, walls, wood furniture), with black cabinetry.  

Yes, it does make for a rather dark decorating palette, so to lighten it up, I've added reds, golds, yellow, and white-white. 

In my opinion, the black and white-white are kind of 'dressy,' which is a departure from my usual style. I've been decorating country f.o.r.e.v.e.r. 

Our previous houses have had very high ceilings and large rooms, which made the house to echo with sound -- not the cozy feel I wanted. So I learned to decorate with quilts, both those of my own making and a good number from my husband's Alabama family. Hanging quilts on walls and draping them about really absorbs noise and creates the ambience I love.

The finished portions of our brown bungalow aren't as big as our previous homes since we are in that downsizing stage of our lives. But I still decorate with quilts. I don't know how to do it any differently after all these years.

Besides providing a sound buffer, another nice benefit to decorating with quilts I've made myself is that I can pull the colors of a room together in just one quilt. That was the purpose of the table cloth I am showing today. (plus, I was tired of a plain beige cloth)

the completed table cloth 
This is what it looks like when laid out flat. I love the scrappy look, so I gathered all the reds, beiges and browns in my fabric stash, bought a few additional fat quarters to complete the design, and sewed them together with solid black. 

Strong contrasting colors are what make a quilt design POP!  At first I worried that this was going to be an awful lot of black, but by the time I was done I decided it was okay.

The small squares are cut to 2 1/2 inches and the completed project is about 50 inches square. (I can't call it a "quilt" because I did not quilt it; I just pieced it and then sewed on a backing with binding. There is a difference.)


  1. I have a friend who quilts. A glorious pass-time. Talent. Creative. Happy. Beautiful.

  2. A very warm and inviting look for sure. I did have a quilt on our daughter's bedroom wall when she was little but haven't hung one since. I do have a lovely quilt rack that holds about 6 quilts but not sure it's going to make the move. Just not going to have the right place for it in the new house. Happy week!