Monday, June 15, 2015

This'n That, Yakkity Yak (don't talk back)

What we've been up to ...

blue flax in my yard at The Brown Bungalow

Our summer thus far has been blessed with an abundance of rain (too much in some areas) and we daily thank the Lord for our well-working sump pump. The local TV news said that since May 1st we have had only 7 days of sunshine without rain. We are reminded of our years spent in Seattle, where the rain makes everything so lush and green. The hills surrounding Castle Rock are gorgeous these days.

Bill and Mary Jane's Anniversary cakes

We were so pleased to be invited to the golden wedding anniversary of friends in our Sunday Bible study class. For two hours we visited over good food with the companionship of friends and laughter.

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We were reminded that longevity in a marriage does not happen automatically and we have to work at it to keep it fresh and alive. Through their testimony it became clear that hardship can make or break a relationship and when we ask the Lord's help, victory is ours.

a new light fixture in the sewing room
With that said, I have to compliment my Beloved who once again saw an opportunity to 'make the lil' woman happy' when he bought a hanging light for my sewing room in our unfinished basement.

You see, I am not a basement person. While his childhood bedroom was in a basement lined with knotty pine, I crave light (preferably sunshine). When I spend hours in a darkish basement, my spirit slumps. This man has spent no small amount of money bringing in electricians to install more lighting to satisfy me. 

But there remained one more dark corner that was bringing me down. I tried brightening it up with more of my quilts, but that just wasn't doing it.  So he brought in a hanging light and I have felt remarkably better.

a Double Irish Chain quilt in progress on the design wall
After that brightening addition, I was able to spend two days in the basement, sewing to my heart's content, listening to my local Christian radio station and having a wonderful time of it.

me in the kitchen of a model home
One of our past times is to get in the car and quote a line from the Toyota commercials, "Let's go places!" Last Sunday our town was overrun with bicyclists on an annual marathon trip of some kind. Navigating around them was terrible, so we took off up north of Denver to see what we could find. We came across some gorgeous model homes and had a good time wandering through them. Beautiful as they were, all of them cost more than we want to spend and had more square footage than what I would want to vacuum.

Casual dining in our home
We had dinner guests on Wednesday night. Friends from Campus Crusade for Christ (now called CRU) came to visit over my chicken stir-fry menu. Just before they arrived we had the closest thing to a hurricane that land-locked Colorado will ever see, but both our guests and our house survived just fine.

lunch on the front porch
One of the most dear benefits I enjoy with Beloved working from home is that we get to have lunch together. Some days we eat on the front porch and some days we eat on the back deck, under the umbrella.

Luncheon for the Seniors under the leadership of Don
So much of my writing seems to focus on food! It was time for the monthly dinner for senior citizens, sponsored by our church. The worship center was transformed into a dining room for some 30 seniors who came from all over town. 

Beloved with a gift of appreciation from the diners
We had not been a part of this effort before but it was fun for the most part. We learned that the elder set can be pretty discriminating about their beverage choices, so Beloved was kept hopping with trying to satisfy everyone. However,  his efforts did not go unnoticed and he was presented with this plaque of appreciation at the end of the meal.

So that's my Yakkity Yak for now. Sometimes life just whizzes by so fast. I need to collect and record the snapshots in one place before I forget what we've been doing with our time!


  1. I SO enjoyed your post and Yakkity Yak!! No back-talk from me. I smiled all the way through!

  2. Cute post and so happy you got some additional light in your sewing area. I'm a light person too and can hardly wait to get in our new house that has 27 windows. The first thing I do of a morning is open the window treatments and turn on all the lamps.

    Happy week!