Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook for June 10

There is no Hodgepodge this week because our hostess, Joyce, is in the process of moving from one state to another. Some of the Hodgepodge people are doing a "Simple Woman's Daybook" instead, and that includes me. 

For today …. June 10, 2015

Outside my windowthe usual late afternoon storm clouds are gathering over the Rocky Mountains, preparing to move out over the plains to dump rain (and sometimes hail) on all of us. I enjoy this as long as I don't have to be outside. Watching it through the windows is very pleasant.

I am thinkinghow good it feels to sit down. I've been on my feet all day. Sitting at my desk to peck out a blog post is very restful to me.

I am thankfulfor so much, but I guess for the sake of brevity I'm supposed to narrow it down to just one thing. I am thankful for my computer. For all the bad press our electronics are getting of late from the Christian community, I do a lot of reading this way and that's not bad.

I am wearingblue denim capri pants, a red-and-white striped knit T with a navy zip-up-the-front-with-several pockets-and-a-hood vest. Also black sandals and silver hoop earrings. Allow me to put in a plug here for my Mary Kay lady. I fix my face and hair every morning. I don't look that good without my props and Beloved appreciates the effort.

I am creating …(in my sewing room) a table runner with this block:

I'll write more about it in another blog post later this week or next.

I am goingto the eye doctor next week for my annual exam. We're keeping watch on at least one cataract.

I am wondering if our dinner guests will be delayed by our weather.  Just since typing that last sentence, the rain blew in with hurricane force.

The table in our kitchen

I am readingA Time for Remembering, the story of Ruth Bell Graham by Patricia Daniels Cornwell (a large print edition found at the Good Will store).  

I am hopingour dinner guests enjoy the menu I've got planned for them: chicken stir-fry over brown rice, a green salad with a Honey Lime Vinaigrette, and a Peach-Apricot Pudding Cake for dessert (with Cool Whip for those who want it).

I am learning there is a time to speak and a time to wait for a better time.

Around the house we've now got the TV news turned on because the storm moving through here is violent. We have a lot of locally heavy rainfall with lots of lightening. If I can add one more thing for which I am thankful, it's our sump pump!!!

In the kitchen I've got everything prepared for dinner as much as I can and will get back to it in about an hour. The dessert is ready ...

Gluten-free Peach-Apricot Pudding Cake

I am ponderinga redesign of my blog header and a new  (more appropriate) name for this blog.  My long-time readers are used to me changing things up from time to time.

A favorite quote for today"With every breath I suck in mercy." I heard this on KPOF [Christian] radio yesterday.

One of my favorite thingswaking up to a new day.

A few plans for this weekI'm helping serve lunch to the seniors at church this Saturday. There's always grocery shopping to do, and I hope to get more time in the sewing room.

A peek into my day I'm sharing a link of a YouTube video of a song that I just love for both the message and the harmony.  It's a trio of men called The Guardians singing "Somebody Prays."'

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  1. Always enjoy the Daybooks, but I decided to take off with Joyce today. I have plenty to keep me busy right now. :o)))

    Bet your dinner guests enjoyed your menu this evening.

    I have sold Mary Kay for 12 years, just did it so me, my daughter and DIL could buy it at cost. I have a few friends that place an order with me but I've never been what they call a consultant, but sure do like the product.

    Happy rest of the week!

  2. I've never done the Daybook but several of my blogging friends do it each week. I enjoyed reading yours!!