Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Day to my Husband

Beloved - photo taken just a couple of nights ago

This dear husband of mine never knows when something he's said or done will become "blog fodder," although probably not much surprises him anymore.

In years past I have saluted my father in June blog posts but this year I'm writing the praises of my husband. Long-time readers know that my pseudonym for this man is Beloved, which indeed he is, although I seldom refer to him that way around the house. Honey is his real name. (smile)

We were married while he was still a college student, so we waited until after his graduation to expect children.  He was sort of an only child since his two step-brothers were older teenagers when he was born and most of his growing up was done with just his parents around. 

Just six months after our wedding, my mother-in-law died.  Then it was exactly two years to the day after her passing that Beloved became a father for the first time. God had a very special way of redeeming that date on the calendar for us!

Many years later that son of ours also became a father in the month of June. Our first grandchild's birthday this year falls on Father's Day! (Happy 15th birthday, Grandson!!)

Beloved has been a wonderful father to our two sons and one daughter, and as Grandad to the next generation, he is dearly loved.  Before the summer is over, he will get to embrace all eleven of our grandchildren at a big family gathering.  Who would have ever thought.....?

I am a strong believer that "opposites attract" because my husband truly fills in the gaps where my personality, skills, and intelligence falter. His methodical way of processing things has pulled me back from the brink of poor decisions.  When our children were small and "tested my holiness," Beloved would take over and give me a break. 

For several years it was our habit to have homemade pizza (from a boxed mix) for supper on Saturday nights. While I prepared that, Beloved would oversee everybody's baths, making sure their hair got washed and they were clean behind the ears. Then we would gather around the television to eat the pizza at the coffee table while watching The Muppet Show together. That is a fond memory for all of us.

As kids will do, when unwelcome surprises hit us, Beloved was the calmer of the two of us. When the teen years arrived and every 2 years somebody was learning to drive with their learner's permit, it so happened Beloved was at a place in his career where he had to work out of state quite a bit. So it fell to me to teach the boys to drive. The first one caught on very quickly because he'd been flying aircraft on our home computer for quite some time. 

The second son was devoted to artistic expressions and therefore did not have as much confidence behind the wheel at first. My fears came to the surface way too many times. Thankfully, we survived that with our relationship in tact and he is a good driver.

By the time our daughter got her learner's permit, I was done with that task and told her she would have to wait till dad was home to practice. It was a relief to see how calmly he sat in the passenger seat and rode off down the street with our daughter behind the wheel.

We have both done our best to teach our children about God and salvation through Jesus Christ. Each of them has sought the counsel of their dad when the challenges of life got sticky. 

Beloved has been a strong (and I mean strong!) fan of Apple MacIntosh computers since the beginning. He taught everyone in the house how to use the computer and made sure each of the kids had a brand new one to take to college. 

But as kids will often do, they questioned their father's judgment in that area and two of them "went to the dark side" (Beloved's words) and used PCs for a few years. However I am glad to be able to report that these two rebels eventually saw the benefits of Apple and have returned!

Happy Father's Day, Beloved! I am so thankful YOU are the father of our children. It has been a delight parenting with you these past forty-some years!


  1. A lovely tribute!! I'm sure your Beloved will have a wonderful Father's Day and what great anticipation of that reunion coming up!! I look forward to seeing those photos!!

  2. What a sweet, sweet post! I still marvel that you have 11 grans out of 3 children. So glad you all are going to get to all be together soon. What a fun time for sure! Happy weekend!

  3. Goodness, Babe! Thank you so much! I'm so glad our kids had you as a Mom; a man is certainly not equipped to raise kids alone. It definitely took BOTH of us working together.