Friday, June 12, 2015

Explaining the New Name and Look

my alter ego, Grammy Bear
Not to worry, dear readers, you are at the right place. I had mentioned earlier this week that I was giving thought to redesigning my blog header and giving the blog a more appropriate name. The previous title, "Journal Reflections" really didn't describe this blog very well because I don't tend to write pondering thoughts on my blogs. I keep those things to myself. So although I do journal about quilts, food, travel, books, relationships, home decor, and my faith, I don't offer much in the way of actual "reflections."

Also, I've been intrigued for years with the word "bungalow." Now that Beloved and I have downsized from the traditional two-story house with a full finished basement to live in a ranch-style home, the word "bungalow" fits us well.  And yes, we do live in a brown house. 

I like brown. It brings to my mind dependability, adapting well to items it is paired with. Like green, brown tends to look good with anything. 

Okay, maybe it's not real good at Christmas but it's still speaks to me of stability.

As for the pictures in the header, all of them are from my camera (my phone camera) and are, to quote Julie Andrews, "a few of my favorite things." I designed the entire thing myself with the use of Printshop, a program I use literally every single day on my MacBook Pro computer. (it's that useful!)

So with that said, this is the explanation for the new title and header. Nothing else as far as blog content is changing.

Thank you, as always for stopping by. 

P.S. Grammy Bear did not write this blog post. This is the real me.


  1. I LOVE your new look and name!! I will say it surprised me when your post opened...I thought 'who is this?'!! You did a great job.

  2. Well, I am so confused. I don't know why I thought you lived in a two story house that you all had built just a few years back. I must have you confused with one of my other blogging buddies.(it's easy to do) Anyway, like your new header and name, and so impressed that you designed it yourself. Way to go! Happy weekend!