Thursday, June 25, 2015

Celebrating a Birthday

100,000 miles on the Ford

My eldest is celebrating a birthday today. While it's not one of "the big ones," I am marking it with this picture he sent me last weekend of the odometer in his car, which had reached its own  milestone of sorts. 

Let me just put it this way, I think I'm too young to have two sons who both have gray in their beards! 

My paternal grandmother used say that when we watch little children closely we can get an inkling of what they will do with their lives. That has turned out to be fairly accurate for all of my kids. 

This son was about 2 weeks short of his fourth birthday when he accompanied his dad, his little brother and my mother to the hospital to bring me home with his newborn sister. After getting settled into the front passenger seat with babe in arms, I turned to give her two brothers a good look at her face. They both leaned forward over the car seat and the older of the two pretended to speak for his baby sister by saying, "You guys are ugly!"

We all laughed at his sense of humor and then we settled into our seats for the ride home. I was a little surprised at his wit at the time, but that was only the beginning. He has since then, many times, made me to laugh so hard I thought my skull would crack open.

His love for little children was obvious, and especially when it came to his baby sister. He enjoyed helping me with her and his assistance came in handy many times. 

Now back to what my grandmother said about children giving an early indication of what they would do with their lives... this same son has proven that to be true. He and his wife love children and wanted a large family. A couple of  months ago the Lord blessed them with baby number nine! My son's love for children continues!

Happy Birthday, Son!

He loves children but he was reluctant to share his Easter basket with little brother!


  1. It is wonderful that couples who love children have them! Those grands must keep you busy. This was a fun family story to read. (I thought you were going to say that your son became a comedian.) Every family has one!

  2. When I was 10 years old, we lived next door to a family that had 10 kids (12 before they were done!). It was SO much fun to be at their house playing! The noise, the commotion, the atmosphere of love and camaraderie was something I will never forget. The mom would bake a sheet cake for a snack and cut it into 12 pieces. It was gone in 60 seconds! LOL I've lost touch with them, but do search now and then of Facebook. We were only neighbors for a year, but did keep in touch until after high school (different schools). It is quite a legacy being built! Happy birthday to your amazing son!