Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Time to Say 'Farewell'

Minnesota Table Runner

In some respects this is a bummer of a month because we have two sets of friends moving out of state. Our very good neighbors next door are leaving us, and don't we all know that good neighbors are a special blessing from the Lord! These people have been kind, generous, and very pleasant. They are taking with them their very cute little dog who closely resembles our granddoggie...

Also my very long-time friend Sue and her hubby are moving to be closer to their children, which means the new home has to be in Texas. I will miss her so much but truth be told, with our husband's careers, we have leap-frogged with them across the country and back since 1988, so no goodbye has been permanent.  It's just a 'farewell' for now. While we have no children in Texas and no plans to follow our friends there, in God's way of doing things, one learns to "never say never."

book cover (front on the left; back on the right). Copyright is 2000
As a parting gift, I made Sue a table runner using a pattern from Minnesota Hot Dish by Atkinson Designs. They have disposed of much of their furniture, planning to downsize and start over fresh, so I didn't know what colors to use to make the runner. I finally decided that one can't go wrong if using Christmas colors.

one of the blocks; 3 are required to complete the project
Some of the fabrics used are by Kaufman. There is a green holly fabric for the borders and binding that was specially designed by JoAnn Fabrics (see the photo below).

close-up of the machine quilting
My free-motion quilting skills are not very sharp right now, so for this project I chose to do a straight outline stitch in the white areas around the colored parts, which made them to look more dimensional, or as Beloved likes to say it, "That design really pops!"

handmade quilt label
I hope all of my quilting friends make a label for their quilts. (I know some who never do)  In the future people will want to know the history of this handwork.

Over the years I have seen that the recipients of my projects have always delighted to see their names and a special Bible verse printed on the back of their quilts. (I always include last names, but for reasons of security and privacy I blocked out our last names in this picture.) 

the completed runner measures about 19 inches x 43 inches
In sewing circles there is a tongue-in-cheek variation of a quote made famous by Maya Angelou, 

People will forget what you said, 
people will forget what you did, 
but people will never forget the quilts you made for them.


  1. What a beautiful gift and lasting memory you've given to your friend. I love that you add in the verse...double the gift!

  2. What a wonderful gift for your friend! It is just lovely and will be a treasured keepsake, I' sure.