Monday, May 25, 2015

What to Feed the Crowd


We went to church this past Sunday with plans to enjoy lunch afterward with some good friends and then come home to take our usual Sabbath naps and maybe watch a movie on TV -- nothing out of the ordinary, but understand, that was fine with me. It was my day of rest (and it should be for everybody, by the way).

Business at Grammys Place Bed and Breakfast has been slow for months. Ever since The Greedy Arms Hotel opened up just outside of Whistlestop, people have been stopping there before before they could get up the mountain to my quaint cabin resort, and as a result my profits have been down and we have had time on our hands.

Mandy Sue and Lily
As we approached our place we could see a large tour bus parked in our circular driveway and I have to admit my heart skipped a beat. Money! (oh wait. I mean, "guests!")

Both Mandy Sue and Lily, my trusted assistants, met me at the door. Although they had greeted the busload of guests with their most welcoming smiles and a cheerful attitude, when they saw me they were vastly relieved. Not a one of these guests had made a reservation ahead of time, so we were going to be scrambling to get them all accommodated!

the group from the tour bus

Since the rooms for that many guests were not prepared, the girls had sent them all to the dining room to sit and await my arrival.  There certainly wasn't enough seating for all of them in the fireside room!

Grandad Bear considers our options
I nodded a smile in the direction of our guests as I hurried to the office where I could catch my breath and gather my thoughts. The girls followed me.

My impulse was to wring my hands and worry, but Grandad calmed me (as he always does) and instructed Mandy Sue and Lily to go freshen up our guest rooms. Then he told me to go to the front desk and start up the computer.  It would take a few minutes for that to get warmed up while the girls busied themselves in the guest rooms.

me signing in Mrs. Hattie Hare
Blessedly, as it turned out, we did have enough rooms and beds for all. Some of our guests were adamant that they could not be separated from each other, and were even willing to sleep on the floor if need be. 

I was grateful for that. With this being a mountain location and the warmth of summer nearly upon us, I felt sure our supply of quilts would be sufficient.

After they had all been given their room assignments and it was just Grandad Bear and me,  I collapsed in a chair and said with worry in my tone, "This is all well and fine, but what shall we feed them?"

With a bit of a smirk in his smile, my dear one looked over the top of his glasses and said, "Oh, don't worry about that. They're stuffed!"  

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