Sunday, May 24, 2015

Taking Time to Understand and Be Grateful

altar flowers at church on Memorial weekend

On this Memorial Holiday weekend, Beloved and I chose to watch the movie, American Sniper, so we would have a better idea of what it is our military men and women are facing, as well as their families. 

This film, which came to theaters this past December, is  a true story and was directed by Clint Eastwood. I have not wanted to see it. It is not a pleasant movie and with an R rating, the language is obscene, the violence disturbing. We rented the film, as opposed to buying it,  because we were pretty sure seeing it once would be enough. 

I watched it with a warm blanket wrapped around my shoulders, needing that psychological feeling of security while seeing the intense danger our service people face.  I also cringed to see the pain the loved ones at home had to endure.  

As we enjoy our barbecues and the sales at the mall on this holiday weekend, it is appropriate to also take time out to focus on what our freedom fighters do to preserve our liberties. 

We must never take for granted their service for all of us. Gratitude to God and to our military is essential.

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  1. I didn't want to see that movie either. Joe saw it by himself. I did go see Lone Survivor, though, and it also brings those emotions to the surface. Horrified, grateful, sad, grateful... God bless their souls and their loved ones for sacrificing so much for all of us.