Saturday, May 30, 2015

Food for the Soul May 30 and 31

the Guggenheim Building 

During the walk Beloved and I took on the campus of his alma mater on Memorial Day, we came to the Guggenheim Building, which during his college years, was the base for the Home Economics degree. As we approached it, I was reminded of this verse:

Then our sons in their youth
will be like well-nurtured plants,
and our daughters will be like
pillars carved to adorn a palace.

Psalm 144:12 NIV

Was it a coincidence that a structure devoted to the study of the womanly art of home making would have beautiful tall pillars on the front, complimenting this Bible verse?

Old buildings and houses are a fascination to me. On that day of our visit to the campus of Colorado State University I was entranced with the detail and fine, unhurried craftsmanship in so many of the structures. 

the main entrance hall

Most of the buildings were locked due to the holiday, so I pressed my cell phone camera onto the glass of the front doors to snap this picture of the main entrance hall. At the landing above the stairs was a beautiful stained glass window, which did not come out in this picture. It was a floral design and had words of dedication to a name I could not quite make out from my perspective.

Seeing those beautiful columns outside the building and remembering the Bible verse made me want to stand tall and be the best I can. 


  1. What beautiful workmanship and love your comparison. I notice so many more details in buildings and houses now that I have built (well, almost) a house. Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow.

  2. Lovely. Isn't it interesting that home ec was taught in college?! Oh my.