Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Mother's Day Tea and Quilt Show

Mother's Day weekend is a time to focus on not only motherhood, but also the other women, family, and friends we enjoy in our lives...

All of these photos, taken just within the last few days, are people who are dear to me and enrich my life greatly in a variety of ways. I thank the Lord for them and their influence to keep me walking close to the Lord. There are more gals like them, more than I have the time, space (and permission) to share their pictures. 

It's a busy weekend here so without a lot of comments, I'm going to post an album of pictures I took today at a church tea that had a quilt show.

This is a selfie taken after I was dressed and ready to leave for the tea party.

*A funny note: just because it's Mother's Day weekend, that does not mean it's non-stop-glam for the homemaker.  Today is also "wash the sheets day," which I forgot when I snapped this picture.  Sooo,  my undressed bed is behind me in this photo!! Arghhhh! 

Also, note the boots and long skirt. Rain clouds have been parked over Colorado for weeks now with snow forecasted for Mother's Day...

This is the table where I sat. Mary was our hostess. She decorated her table with her china and centerpiece. Very elegant and proper.

I walked around before the program began and snapped pictures of as many of the tables as I could.

These buttercup yellow dishes were so cheerful.

Sue pointed out to me that a little bird with a "Faith" message was tucked into this predominantly green centerpiece.

A quilt for a table cloth! We needed the yellow accents to counterbalance the darkest of gray rainy skies outside.

Note the strip of pink sparkly fabric used as a table runner to compliment the pink blossoms in the china.

The hostess for this table told me that she has been to Paris at least 8 times!

The gold chargers and table runner set of this china beautifully!

This hostess included a framed photo of family members in her centerpiece.

Our guest speaker was Mrs. Barbara Donaho who came dressed in Civil War costume, complete with a hoop skirt.

The majority of quilts she displayed were hand-pieced and hand-quilted.

I am amazed at the productivity of this woman. When I asked, she told me that she has no arthritis or neck bone problems.

Her work is stunning.

Until recently she also had a hand-sewn drapery business, too!

She gives our Lord the credit for the skills she displayed for us today.

Changing subjects here at the end of this post, I wanted to tell you about the pink "Fascinator" I wore in my hair. I've seen these in one of the local shops for years and have wanted an excuse to buy one. Today was it!! The price was reasonable: $19.95 plus tax.
The top right photo shows you the size in comparison to a writing pen. The picture under that is the underside of the piece, with a strong clip to hold the Fascinator in the hair. The bottom photo shows where I put the "hat" after I got home. It's decorating one of the lamp shades in my study, right beside me as I blog, so I can enjoy it all the time!

When I arrived home from the ladies' tea, these dozen roses greeted me -- from Beloved! 


  1. What an elegant event!! I love that each table was so different, but also so beautiful! The table with the pink runner and the rosebud china looks exactly like my Noritake China!! How interesting! Your little 'hat' is very cute and does make a nice decoration for the lamp shade. You looked fabulous with it in your hair!

  2. Oh, wish I could have attended this tea. I love tables done like this, makes it appear to be such a royal affair. I love all the beautiful dishes and settings. Lovely!!!

    And, the quilts! Oh my goodness, absolutely gorgeous. What a lovely start to your MD weekend. Continue to enjoy!

  3. LOVED seeing all the beautiful table settings. And the quilts! Soo beautiful! I would have soo enjoyed this day. Thanks for sharing, and have a good week!