Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Lego Americana Roadshow

The Statue of Liberty made entirely of Legos

This weekend included a variety activities for Beloved and me with one of the more remarkable being a stroll through our favorite local mall where there was a notable display of patriotic buildings made of Legos. 

As we parked our car, we saw TWO semi trailers that had apparently delivered this traveling roadshow to our mall. We suspected we were in for something special and we were not disappointed.

The show is currently at the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado from April 11-26. After that, I'd say you should be on the lookout for it to show up at a mall near you!

I share my pictures because I know some of my readers may not ever have the opportunity to see this display in person.

The Washington Monument

American flags at the base of the Washington Monument
The White House

the Old North Church

the Jefferson Memorial (but no cherry blossom trees)

the Liberty Bell, complete with crack
close-up of the Liberty Bell

another Statue of Liberty

the Supreme Court

close-up detail of the Supreme Court

another view of the Supreme Court

The Lincoln Memorial

(with the help of photo-adjusting on my computer of the light)
Lincoln can be seen inside his Memorial

approaching the Capitol Building - note the size, how tall it is

the United States Capitol Building - this would be my vote for Best in Show

the Capitol Building

back of Capitol Building

Independence Hall

a whimsical tribute to Colorado's ski industry
There were several other displays of non-patriotic scenes that the younger children would appreciate more.

The entire show was very well done and absolutely free. I won't be surprised to see school groups viewing it during the next couple of weeks, it is that remarkable. 

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  1. We live near Legoland and have seen all of these and more in person. They have an entire section that gives you a tour of the United States, in miniature! Totally amazing! Thanks for sharing!