Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scrapbooking My Easter Weekend

Today's post is dedicated to my family, those living both near and far. Although it would be preferable that we all be together for these meaningful holidays that celebrate the faith we share, I am so thankful for technology that enables us to share our thoughts and pictures. 

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This is that time of year along Colorado's Front Range when the wind blows often and hard. After setting up the silk lily cross by our front steps early last week, I quickly realized my best efforts to keep the cross upright were not enough. I finally had to tuck it into the alcove beside the front door. It was important to me to not let the cross look tipsy or bedraggled in any way, to show proper respect.

My Egg Tree also experienced some weather related transformations. The day the plastic eggs were hung by sewing thread on our [already very dead and soon-to-be replaced] Maple tree, the air was warm and the sky was sunny. But then a front moved in with strong (very strong!) winds, followed by rain that turned to snow.  But by Easter weekend the weather had come full circle to warm sunshine again. However in the process of all that, 8 eggs blew off the tree. No worries. We started out with 48, so losing less than a dozen didn't make a whole lot of difference.

Neighbors who drove by gave us the nicest of compliments about the tree, so I think we'll need to continue this every year.

While we're on the subject of eggs, that was my primary decorating element this year. They had a huge variety of them at Walmart and the prices were very reasonable.

Surfer Girl and Grandchild #6 decorated their home and sent these cheery pictures...

While Ford Guy sent this photo of one of his protégées in Ninja training...

Once Grandchild #9 loses the pacifier under his mask, he will be scary! 

On the evening of Good Friday, we attended communion service at our church and then came home to watch the first half of Cecil B. DeMille's Ten Commandments movie with Charleton Heston (a family favorite), and enjoyed Orange Chocolate Ambrosia for dessert. To see the recipe, click here: Orange Chocolate Ambrosia

Of course, a big part of Easter celebrations includes the food. As the years and employment have relocated many of our family members, resulting in fewer people around our holiday dinner table, we have been buying part of our menu at the Honey Baked Ham Company. This year we got their roasted turkey breast and Au Gratin Potatoes. 

Those purchases enabled me to not feel rushed in making fruit skewers for the church brunch on Easter morning, and setting the table for our dinner guests.

Easter morning dawned bright and clear for us, but we skipped the sunrise services and held to our usual Sunday morning routine of breakfast while watching Dr. Charles Stanley on his TV program, In Touch Ministries. 

In spite of the careful work by the Easter Bunny, Beloved found his one Cadbury egg on Saturday night! It was tucked into one of the inner pockets of his new sport coat.  He saved it for breakfast and had to eat it while Lambie Pie stared at him.  

Beloved commented that all weekend long, no matter where he sat down, that sheep was in his face, staring his beady eyes at him!... we know how to have fun around here.

Of course we had to take the obligatory pictures of each other in our Easter clothes. I wondered all week long if I would be wearing my new black skirt or black jeans to church, with our weather being so erratic. 

Beloved selected his entire ensemble himself at Kohl's this week while I was at home!! He used his cell phone camera to take pictures of the clothes while he stood in line to pay, seeking my opinion.  Technology!!!

We attended the earlier of the two morning worship services at our church and then helped greet and serve at the brunch held between the services. 

This church is remarkable because for church dinners they always have a separate room and table for the gluten-free dishes (picture on far right).

Shortly after we got home from church, Fritttz and the Lil' Red Haired girl arrived to enjoy dinner with us. 

Beloved showed them the changes he made on the raised flower garden.

We took them to the Philip S. Miller Park to see the new athletic attractions, which include 200 challenge steps that climb 178 feet up the side of a mountain and zip lines with 10 stations (which were closed today for the holiday).

In case you might be wondering, when it's not snowing in  the high altitude of Colorado, we often have blue skies just like what you see in these pictures. We seldom have haze and humidity to hide the pristine clear blue above our heads. 

My last two pictures were taken at the park in the playground area, for kids big and small. 

It's been a wonderful weekend with family, friends, each other, and most of all the celebration that because Jesus Christ lives, we can face tomorrow.


  1. What a wonderful day!! And Honeybaked does a great job with their food. Excellent choice!!

  2. I happened upon your blog over at Vee's place. That photo of your grandchild with the pacifier under the mask is the funniest and cutest thing!! lol Wonderful Resurrection celebration.