Thursday, April 2, 2015

Join Me in the Sewing Room

my sewing room in the [unfinished] basement

One day last week I had the house all to myself, the laundry was caught up, dinner was planned, and I wanted to finish one of my sewing projects. 

the I Spy quilt "in progress" for Fire House Quilts
My sewing room may look messy to visitors, but in reality I have a place for everything and [pretty much] everything in its place! If I can find what I'm looking for, then that's all that matters.

a sewing machine cover made by my mother many years ago
My sewing room is a blessedly huge area Beloved has encouraged me to call my own since we chose to not have our basement finished when we had this house built 2 years ago. 

a special pin cushion from Alaska
Not only are the necessities of sewing found in this room, but memories and special gifts from family and friends help me to get the job done.

the dress form
Probably no sewing room is truly complete without a dress form, although I seldom make clothes for myself anymore. It's less expensive (and faster) to just buy them. 

a year 'round tree
The Christmas tree is so cheerful that I leave it up all the time. Beloved gave me a remote control so I don't have to dig around behind everything to turn the lights on and off.

(left) Mandy Sue and (right) Lily
Of course, no blog post about my sewing room is complete without a photo of Mandy Sue and Lily. While the rest of my staff* is up on the main floor of the house, these two prefer to supervise the sewing, probably always with the hope that I'll make new clothes for them. That doesn't happen very often anymore, now that other things have pushed that pursuit to the back of the closet, so to speak. (if you are not acquainted with my staff, click here to see their picture:

one of my projects in-progress

The current piece of handwork is hand appliqué stems on some flower-and-leaf blocks. Frankly, I'm disappointed in my fabric selection.  There isn't enough contrast between the green leaves and stem on the blue background.  

I will finish the project and learn a lesson from it. Even the disappointing pieces can usually be used to brighten a corner or add a touch of whimsey to a  closet wall.

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  1. Wow!! What a great space to call your own!! I'm only NOT jealous because if I had a space like that, I would have to be using it! LOL Right now, I am happy with my 'excuse' that I have no place to sew anymore. (But I AM envious!)