Friday, April 3, 2015

Getting the Home Ready for Easter

flowers on porch wreath

In recent years I have not decorated as profusely as I used to. Age, money, and perhaps an excessive  bent toward practicality have had something to do with it. (What is put up must be taken down at the end of the season and then packed away with orderliness.) 

Birdhouse I painted in 2001

Also, we don't entertain as much as we used to back in the days when Beloved taught an adult Sunday School class. We have moved to a different town, a different church ... life just changes.

a truckload of whimsey on our fireplace mantel

As I say that, my heart is pricked a bit to remember that the Lord gave His children many opportunities to remember His goodness to them and encouraged them to celebrate with gatherings of family and friends over food, complete with special trappings for the occasions.

Lambie Pie from Sue
All work and no play makes for boring people, right? There is  so much for which to be thankful and the world needs to see joy in the lives of Christ-followers.

Sister sent this gift that hangs in our dining room
It's odd how people will go all out to celebrate Christmas but almost skip over the Easter season entirely, with the exception of the candy and bunny rabbits. 

Sadly, some people just don't know what Easter is.  I would find that hard to believe except that a couple of weeks ago the young woman who was bagging my groceries knew next to nothing about this most important day. She asked me if Easter is always on a Sunday. My reply was "Yes!" I went on to briefly state that Jesus Christ was resurrected to life on the first day of the week, so that's why Easter is always on a Sunday. 

Mary's gift of a cross from Arizona
The resurrection of our Lord from the dead is joyful news we need to talk about in the marketplace.

some of my dinner goodies
But just so you know, while celebrating the spiritual reasons for Easter, we also enjoy eggs, chocolate, and whimsical animals. 

our largest eggs
I decorate with eggs...

Lantern with electric candle on antique table
Which reminds me, if I'm going to make Deviled Eggs for Easter dinner, I'd better swing by the dairy case on my next grocery trip!

Harmony House Minuet china
Easter is my favorite time of year to pull out my mother-in-law's china because I love to decorate with the pastels of the flowers.

bunny candy dish from The Cook on Fifth Street
and carrot dish from Mary
Other special dishes are set out on the dining table in anticipation of Easter dinner.

This centerpiece (above) is used year around with the exchanging of flowers depending on the season. This afternoon I removed red blossoms that have been on display with the white ones since Valentine's Day and replaced them with pink lilies and glittered egg picks.

our front yard
This year I did some decorating outside, too. Interestingly enough, this tree is dead, dead, dead. Beloved has plans to get it replaced later this spring. But in the meantime, it's got one last hurrah, so to speak, with 48 colorful plastic eggs bobbing in the wind from its branches.

Another picture of the front porch wreath
Bright orange lilies are featured on our front porch wreath, which looks really good against the brown siding and earth-toned stone work.

white lily cross from Walmart
With these decorations, we welcome the Easter season and look forward to a very happy day with friends at church and dinner with local family members.


  1. It is all just lovely.

    Wishing you a blessed Easter!!

  2. A wonderful Easter to you! I love my neighbors who decorate for special holidays and Easter is the most special of all! Where would we be without Him? He is Risen!

  3. Yes, I agree, what comes out has got to go back in. I've done much less decorating in recent years because I had to haul it up and down stairs. When we move I will have very handy storage and we'll see if that sort of re-engerzies me. :o))

    East blessings!