Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's My Party

Whimsey has come out with this blog post. My birthday is this Monday, March 16th and it's THE BIG ONE, so I'm throwing myself a party. Pick up your party hat as you come in the door and find a seat in the dining room ...
Eves Dropping, Home and Garden Editor of the Whistlestop Weekly

This is Eves Dropping, reporting to you from Grammy's Place Bed and Breakfast where a huge social event is in progress and expected to last for the entire weekend. 

Family and many friends from both far and wide have gathered in our quaint little mountain town of Whistlestop to throw a surprise birthday party for Grammy Bear herself.  How they were able to pull this off is a mystery yet to be told since Grammy holds a tight rein on this retirement business she owns with her husband, Grandad Bear.

Grandad Bear and Spud, the handyman

We suspect there is more going on beneath his furry head and thick spectacles than meets the eye -- Grandad Bear and his dependable handyman, Spud, must have been busy behind-the-scenes to pull off a regalia of this magnitude.

It was nearing lunchtime and Grammy Bear was in the entry hall of the B and B, checking the guest registry, wondering if the guests expected for the weekend would be arriving in time for lunch. She had understood them to say they would be hungry upon arrival. They had requested her famous chicken salad made with crushed pineapple and delicately toasted pecans tucked into finger sandwiches accompanied with spinach salad, pink lemonade, and for dessert, the B and B's famous cherry pie.*

Mrs Berniece Mertz, B and B Chef
Although she had not been into the dining room since enjoying her morning cup of tea, Grammy Bear knew all was ready because the Bed and Breakfast chef, Mrs Berniece Mertz could always be depended upon to produce the finest fare in Whistlestop Valley.

Hmm. With that said, Grammy Bear decided she should take a peek into the dining room to see if Mandy Sue and Lily had set the tables with the pink cloth napkins she had set aside to match the pink lemonade. Lily was made of the most dependable stuff, but Mandy Sue could be distracted by the slightest of whims and it was not unusual for her to forget important matters on the To Do Lists issued by her employer. This proprietress had learned long ago to check up on her young protege  often and hold her accountable when things went awry.

Grammy Bear's surprised reaction

As Grammy Bear opened the blue Columbine stained glass French doors leading into the dining room... SURPRISE! 

Grammy Bear discovers her party

Every family member every born and every friend she ever had in her entire life shouted out to her with such enthusiastic volume that  the air in her lungs whooshed out, her eyes rolled back toward her ears and her legs slipped out from under her like well-done spaghetti, causing her to fall backward in a dead faint onto the floor.  There she lay, to the shock and amazement of all, staring with unseeing eyes at the tray ceiling and her mouth agape.

Resuscitation effort
While everyone stood like stone with fear, Grandad Bear lost no time and climbed over the table, only briefly stopping to untangle his feet from the mountain of decorative curly ribbon, to run to the aid of his dear one. This laid back man can give the impression of slow response, but when it's important, he springs into action like the Man of Steel himself.  Once he was in her face, he knew what was required and he quickly took the matter in hand. 

A rapturous kiss was all Grammy needed to make her eyelids flutter and her limp hands to clasp above her chest. Yes, she was alive indeed and, aside from a nasty bump on the back of her furry head, she was going to be okay!  Bring on a glass of that pink lemonade and get this lady into a chair!  Let the party begin! 

Eves Dropping interviews Mrs Bernice Mertz
After the birthday party luncheon was well under way and the many guests seemed content with the food, I was able to steal a few quiet minutes with the chef, Mrs Berniece Mertz, to inquire about her part in the plans for this gala event. Had she any idea as to just how much of a surprise this would be for her employer?  "Mercy, no!" was her response.  But in retrospect, they did know ahead of time that this particular birthday was "the big one" for Grammy Bear. Perhaps they all should have taken that into serious consideration beforehand.

This wraps up my story.  As I packed up my camera gear and trusty pencil with writing pad, I was reminded ...

... he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.
Proverbs 15:15

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