Sunday, February 1, 2015

Well, THAT was a mistake!

the door to my pantry

My dear family, friends, and blogosphere buddies,

Late last week I encountered some problems on my two blogs,

My Journal Reflections

My Bungalow Kitchen

and since I did not have the time to address the issues and have some sewing deadlines looming up, I made the decision to remove access to those blogs to everyone but myself.  I would then take time as I could to deal with those problems.  I knew my readers would encounter some kind of a message saying my blogs were not available. 

However, I did not compose the message and I did not know until a couple of days after the fact that the computer-generated message was rather terse-sounding and could be interpreted as offensive, something along the lines of you have been denied access to this blog and only certain people can see it…

Whoa! That’s not how I would have worded it.  

I am so sorry if this offended you.  In an attempt to fix that problem, I have put my blogs back online.  My concerns with  the blogs have not been fixed, but I now see it’s preferable to just leave things as they are until I can address them.

Again, please accept my sincere apology if the computer-generated message came across to you as offensive.  That was most definitely not my intent. 



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  1. I didn't get the message, but certainly would have wondered about it!! Thanks for explaining.