Friday, February 27, 2015

Then She Went Shopping...


... because the snow encapsulating Arthur-on-the-deck was forecasted to get deeper for the rest of the week. This was the 'pick day'  to do fun stuff away from the house.

thrift shop blouses at $2.99 each

After delightful visits with friends that morning, I drove over to a brand new thrift shop in my former stomping grounds to check out the merchandise. 

I am not ashamed to say that many of my favorite clothes come from thrift stores. I think that has something to do with me not being a fashion maven, I know what I like and what I don't like, and I cannot be persuaded to change.  Or maybe it's because a fashion has to be nearly out of style before I'll warm up to it??  

Anyway, I am expecting to be in need of warm-weather clothing (winter will end eventually) and so I looked to see what this shop had in short sleeves that go with both white and blue denim capri pants, jeans, and skirts (wardrobe staples I already have in good supply in my closet). 

For those who might cringe at the idea buying used clothing, let me clue you into some of the standards I set for myself.  

- buy nothing in outrageously bold colors, prints, or fashion designs that would mark me like a red corvette to policemen -- unless it's beach or vacation wear, and then I make exceptions.

- buy nothing that is so extreme and easily recognizable  that the lady who donated it will recognize it on me.

- always check the underarms in particular as well as the entire garment for stains (that probably won't come out, which is why the garment was donated)

- are there sewing repairs that need to be made, and if so, am I willing or capable to do them?

- I never buy anything at a thrift store of a truly personal nature: no slacks, jeans, pajamas, swimsuits, underwear, etcetera. You get the idea. Even with laundering, this is just a standard I have for myself.

- That leaves shirts, blouses, sweaters, skirts, dresses, scarves, purses, tote bags and the like.

- I ask myself: do I have clothing that this item will work with? Guessing at the colors is a gamble. I buy clothes that I know will contrast nicely because matchey-matchey is dicey-dicey. If I don't have both items with me to compare, I seldom buy it. On the other hand, since these thrift store finds are usually so low-cost, sometimes the gamble is worth it.  

my newest kitchen finds at $1.99 each
Putting all the paragraphs about thrift store clothing aside, my real reason for checking out this shop was to see if they had any "low bowls" in pretty colors. My current infatuation with raw vegan dinner salads at least 4 or 5 nights a week is made even more interesting with a collection of colorful bowls to show off the succulent greens. 

I learned from looking around at Dillards that these are called "low bowls," which means they are pretty shallow and wide, suitable for pasta, salad, or whatever.  But I don't like to pay $4 or $5 per bowl!

Just as an aside, a few weeks ago Beloved and I found these low bowls in a rusty orange at IKEA for $2 each:

IKEA bowls
I usually buy 4 - 6 bowls, just in case somebody wants to visit our home on dinner salad night.  As you can see, I already have the basic white ones by Corelle. The dollar stores are also good places to look for dishes, and I have bought some of them in the past.

Anyway, I'm thinking that the new yellow bowls will frame some pretty salads this spring and the color should perk us up in March through April, traditionally known as the dreariest snowiest months of the year in Colorado. (While the rest of the nation is getting the April showers that bring May flowers, as the song goes, we are still shoveling and, that late in the season, getting cranky about it.)

My only complaint as I left this thrift shop was that the checker was out of packing paper, so he wrapped my bowls in my new shirts. Hmm. 

a good place to shop

My next destination was a Christian book store. I needed a  'congratulations on your wedding' card for an extended family member, and I also wanted to find some light fiction reading to balance out the heavier stuff I finished earlier in the week. (see my previous post, Take the Risk

I was looking for one of the many novels about Amish life when I came across a table with $1 reads! I don't think any Amish are in this story, but the introduction of the $1 book intrigued me, so that's what I got. It should be fun to read this with a bowl of popcorn beside the fire when the snow starts back up again.

heading west with the Rocky Mountains in easy view
Shopping in Colorado is such a joy on a sunshiny day. Those mountains we love are just over there for all to see! I love this! That's Mount Evans in the very center, where Beloved and I had our first date as teenagers.

the back of a fire engine 
Just for fun, I snapped a picture of the back of a fire engine I saw. I am a fan of Popeye since he loves his spinach and I enjoy dark leafy greens every single day!

black metal bike

My last stop of the afternoon was at Ross, where I was just sort of wandering around until time to meet Beloved for an early dinner. To my great delight, I found something I've been wanting for months but thus far the price had not been right. It's a decorative black metal bike (a tricycle, actually) to place on top of my kitchen cabinets. I wanted something simple and striking to coordinate with the black cabinetry and to stand out well against the backdrop of the Sherwin Williams "Macadamia" paint on the wall.

This bike (and they had only one) greeted me as I entered the store with a price tag of only $14.99.  I claimed it and Beloved put it in place later that evening. (those who know me well are aware that I don't personally decorate on top of my cabinets any more, but Beloved is more than happy to do it for me)

Well, the sun did eventually set, we met for dinner and then headed for home. The snow has resumed falling and we get on with winter. I sure did enjoy the  respite from clouds and bitter cold for one day.


  1. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Love the thrifty finds! Nice that you could get out for awhile!

  2. You could have been describing me when you were talking about what you like...I am a classics kind of gal....not trendy....classic means a suit I bought in 2002 still looks good today where as trends usually don't last very long....I shop at thrift stores too although I don't usually find any clothes for myself there, I do like to look for the odd plates as I like to set my table for seasons and holidays.....I like my dinner salads in the low bowls too....I have four in my everyday dishes..
    Mama Bear

  3. There is an Arc Thrift Store in our area that my daughter and I like to browse through. I'm a woman's size so I usually can not find clothes my size, but I do enjoy looking at the household items and books. My daughter buys many of my granddaughter's play clothes there. Many were never worn and still have labels on them!

    Your kitchen is beautiful!