Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Weekend 2015

Beloved and me in 1972;
words to "our song" (made famous by the Everly Brothers)

I have found the one my heart loves
Song of Solomon 3:4

Today is another opportunity to remember and to reflect on the love I've enjoyed with my husband.  We met in our late teens, married at age 20, and now we are applying for Medicare together!

The longer we are married, the more I marvel at the miracle that two people can be faithful to each other for so long, still desiring each other's companionship.  The world boldly pushes so many distractions and temptations at everybody, and most especially at those who want to live for Jesus.

Jesus. That is the reason we are still together. We are just ordinary, puny people with  fickle tendencies like everybody else.  But having Jesus Christ as the Lord of our lives has made all the difference from what happens to those without Him. 

Yes, with my husband I have found the one my heart loves, but it is Jesus Christ in our lives that has made this possible.  

He is the one our hearts love.

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  1. AMEN! to all you say here about love and relationships. Happy Valentines Day!