Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celebrating with My Valentine

almost all of See's Candies are gluten free!

To our dismay, recently Beloved and I realized there are a fair number of people our age who scoff at the idea of celebrating Valentines Day with their spouse. "To each their own," I suppose, but we like to use any excuse to run and play and do fun things together. 

Every married couple needs to play, do shared experiences, and to put the cares of the world behind them for a time to enjoy each other. People who don't make deliberate efforts to "date" their spouse tend to be cynical, critical, and frankly, aren't much fun to be with.

Our Valentines Day began with cards and candy at the breakfast table. Since we are "dog people" (although we don't have a dog right now), it was not really a surprise that we each chose a puppy card to give to the other.

Valentines Day was beautiful with a high temperature predicted for the mid-sixties.  

We like the phrase used by the gal in the Toyota TV commercials, "Let's go places!" And so we did by driving some 50 miles south to Old Colorado City for a light lunch and just walking around.

Old Colorado City is one of the historical parts of Colorado Springs, where we have lived twice in the past when Beloved's job transferred him to that beautiful place.

We have fun memories of 24th Street, the main thoroughfare that is lined with charming old houses and buildings, businesses, and colorful people.  Our three children enjoyed their annual high school homecoming parades on this street, which ended at the park where the musicians would whoop it up at the band shell with the Pep Squad.

The merchants lining the street are varied of varied interests, including this one that is perhaps one of the more famous, the Michael Garman studio and gift shop. 

"and there I was" by Michael Garman

Figurines of cowboys, aviators, and people from all walks of life displayed artfully draw in many, like us, to just look, and some to buy. About 24 years ago we bought an aviator for one of our sons who was embarking on a flying career. 

There always seems to be something of special interest going on when we visit these quaint historical Colorado towns. On this day crowds were gathered around to watch an ice-sculpting contest in progress.

There were several art galleries, some Christmas shops, needlework and card-making businesses,  and places to buy herbal concoctions.

We parked on the street, not far from one of at least two large pottery businesses that made for wonderful eye candy.

Eventually we headed back home to rest and then dress for dinner.  Beloved had made reservations for us at Duke's Steak House.

Salads with Top Sirloin and Grilled Salmon
Dinner was delicious and the dining room was perfect for this special occasion.  

I hope that my readers make the effort and perhaps some advance planning to keep the love alive in marriage.  Over the years we've taken the fancy trips, danced and dined with tuxedo and corsage, screamed our heads off at the amusement parks,  and similar adventures, but often it's the quiet few hours spent as just the two of us walking hand-in-hand and talking about our lives that keep the attraction strong.


  1. Isn't my wife talented! Well worth escorting her around on Valentines Day! I love you, Babe

  2. Such a sweet, sweet post!!! And, such truth and I'm afraid a lot of younger couples, especially, don't get the importance of continuing to "court" each other.

    Love the ice sculptures and the gorgeous pottery. What a fun day!