Friday, February 20, 2015

Angels Watchin' Over Me

3 sheriff officers parked beside my car

Last week I came out of the grocery store to see these 3 very shiny and handsome motor cycles parked beside my Ford.  I assume the officers were somewhere nearby for lunch.  

It was a beautiful sight with their bikes all shiny and gleaming in the sun, their helmets poised on the handlebars, and one of them even had a pair of gloves tucked in beside the windshield. 

I thought how secure these men felt that they knew they could leave these things in plain sight and not worry much about anybody tampering with them. 

Police and firemen (and women) get my prayer support often. They do a job I wouldn't want for myself or for any of my family and yet we need them desperately.  The few times I have been personally acquainted with any of them, their behavior and character has deserved my respect.

Years ago someone dear to us felt threatened and talked about getting a restraining order. We knew a policeman in our church, so Beloved called him one night to ask what is involved with such an order, how to get one, asking how effective it is -- things like that.

This man of God was frank that sometimes these orders don't do much good but he offered to go to the offender's house and set him straight! He was more than willing to take care of the matter for us!

Beloved told him the problem was in another city and state far from here, but thanked him all the same.  The man endeared himself to us for offering his services.

The Lord got our dear one through that tough time with no incidents and the matter is now ancient history to all of us.  But I remember that and thank God for these enforcers of law and for the risks they take every day for the sake of peace and order.

I am reminded that our Lord is watching over us and directs His angels to protect us. They are all around us and I am comforted to know harm is not allowed to come near to me unless God has allowed it for a holy purpose that will one day meet with my approval even if now it troubles me. 

For he will command his angels 
concerning you to guard you in all your ways
Psalm 91:11

For more comfort, read all of Psalm 91 by clicking here.

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  1. Thanks Barbara. I have a family member in law enforcement. They do need our prayers.