Saturday, January 24, 2015

What Am I Supposed to be Doing?

This morning I am saddened and angered that an enemy has taken the life of a man (maybe the lives of two) while the world appears to be standing still, watching and doing very little to stop this terror.  

In the last couple of days as we were warned this might happen, I prayed for the souls of these captives, as well as for their captors.  That may not seem like much, but for a homemaker deep in the heart of the United States, those humble words of prayer make a huge impact with God and eternity for others.

How are we to live in these days of mounting terrorism and apparent apathy from those who have the power and authority to be more pro-active? 

loading the dishwasher

How are those of us to live who believe we are in the last days? Are we to panic and rush around in a frenzy with gospel tracts, buttonholing every stranger we encounter at the grocery store?

Or are we to resign ourselves to the end being near and do nothing? 

doing the laundry

I am reminded of the days of Noah in the Old Testament. He preached for decades and built an ark in preparation for a rain storm while the world laughed at him and continued with their careers, their families and their recreation, oblivious to the disaster ahead of them.

cleaning house

My conscience won't let me be idle. For one thing, the "last days" could go on for decades, as in the story of Noah.  Life must go on. We still need to cope with today and help those who can't get through a day without assistance. 

We need to be about those things to which God has called us and remain faithful to the end, whenever that turns out to be. 

One of my husband's favorite pieces of counsel for me when I am greatly challenged is to "finish well."  I like that.  We all want it to be said of us, no matter how we may have managed the rest of our lives, that we "finished well."

What does that mean? For me it's to take care of my family and my home, to continue to relate in a winsome manner to my neighbors and the people in the grocery store, to drive the congested streets of my town with respect and patience, to continue to attend and contribute to my church and other Christian organizations that take the Gospel all over the world, to read God's Word daily and seek to apply that Truth to the dailyness of my life.

devotional books I recommend

I'm also seeking to limit my intake of the news media with all it's bad news and arguing back and forth about politics. It's important to be very mindful of what we feed our minds during these troubling times and to monitor our thoughts.  

And pray.  I need to be in continual communication with the Lord about all that is going on. My relationship with Him counsels and guides me through the perils and reminds me of the blessed hope, eternity with Him, that is just on the other side of the present drama. 

As for prayer for those caught in the evil webs of terrorism, eternity will tell how much my prayers made a difference.

That's what I'm supposed to be doing.


  1. Sometimes (most of the time) all we can do is pray. The power of prayer is an awesome thing.

  2. Yes, finishing well. Not giving up. Trusting in God no matter what. Praying is not a last resort, but what we are called to do, and somehow God works through the prayers of His people. Thank you for this post.

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog headers. I really like yours as well. You have a very nice blog and I'll be back to read more. I quite agree with your post and am truly appalled by what I see happening in the world and no one seems to be doing anything about it. I pray a lot, that is all I know to do. Take care!