Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Home Tour

the view from our breakfast room
The weather today has been frightful but indoors it's been delightful...

The snow began to fall during breakfast while we were watching Dr. Charles Stanley on TV, as per our usual Sunday morning routine before we go to church. It had been predicted so this was no surprise. We just dressed warmly for church and left a little early to get there. This was the Sunday we had been asked to read the Advent scripture and light one of the candles, so we didn't want to be late for that.

Christmas tree in the master bedroom
After church and lunch out, we came home, made a fire in the fireplace (with a flip of a switch) and watched the Broncos beat the San Diego Chargers. I'm not as avid of a fan as Beloved, so I worked on Christmas cards and then snapped pictures for my annual Christmas Home Tour blog post.

Christmas tree in the guest room
Our decorations aren't as fancy as some people, but they mean a lot to us and we enjoy pulling them out every year.

Freddie sits in the guest room waiting for our son and his wife to arrive
We decorate with both serious and whimsical designs. I have never outgrown my love for dolls. Back in the mid-eighties I sewed Cabbage Patch Kids for my children and made one for myself.

We have a lot of handmade items
This picture features one of 4 felt elves my mother made for us as a gift the year we got married, a stitchery NOEL from a dear friend who is now deceased, and a quilted table runner I made from the Minnesota Hot Dish pattern. The wall quilt is an Irish Chain, my favorite "go to" quilt pattern. I have made many variations of Irish Chain over the years.

door knob decor
This is a door hanger like the May Baskets we see in the spring. This pattern came from an Art to Heart design by Nancy Halvorsen. I made several of these a few years ago to give as gifts.

Our stockings are hung in the hall with care, with hopes that St. Nicolas soon will be here
When my children were very young, I made a dark red felt stocking for each of us and cross stitched their name on the band at the top. Our two eldest children have their stockings with them, but one son, who always comes to our house for a sleepover on Christmas Eve with his wife -- I still have his stocking. The patchwork stocking is for our daughter-in-law. (for reasons of privacy, I have photo-shopped out the names of everybody except on my stocking)

We don't hang our stockings on the mantel because the fireplace can melt any chocolate Santa might bring! By the way, remember that red elf in a previous picture? This photo has another one, this time in green felt. He appears to be dozing, his head is flopped over onto his chest!

Electric candles with one of our Nativity sets in the dining room
I love the electric candles that are becoming so popular!  Each year I buy a couple more of them. They are battery-operated with a small switch on the bottom side of the candle. I really like not having to worry about dripping wax or an unattended candle causing a fire. These candles even have a timer feature in them, although I have not taken advantage of that yet.

Dining Room, View Number One
We seldom eat in our dining room, but for the holidays, we enjoy our company around this large table.

Dining Room, View Number Two

Angels decorate the tree in the corner with a start at the top and a Nativity scene at the base. The star quilt is from a Log Cabin pattern by Eleanor Burns at Quilt in a Day. I can't find a link to this specific pattern, but here is the link for the Quilt in a Day site:

Dining Room, View Number Three
We had a tall piece of furniture on the left wall until yesterday, with that sign above it.  Now that the furniture has been rearranged, I've got a big blank space on the wall.  But I'm in no hurry to pound in another nail there.  

An easy centerpiece
All women should have glass flower vases on hand for when somebody brings them flowers (in more than one size, depending on the size of the bouquet!).  They are also useful for Christmas balls at this time of year -- a very easy centerpiece!

Knit stocking from Crate and Barrel for silverware or candy canes

I wonder how many of my readers who got married in the 70s have dishes like this?  They have a Currier and Ives picture that I enjoy so much.

the ever-growing snowman collection
While my granddaughters and great-nieces are delighted with the princesses from the Frozen movie, Olaf the snowman (far right with the orange carrot nose) delights me!

Cross stitch of NOEL with a peppermint alphabet
Oh how I wish I still had the time and eyesight for more cross stitch! I do love it so.

Christmas dishes at the ready on the counter
None of my dishes are expensive. A few years ago Beloved bought for me two boxed sets of Poinsettia dishes from Walmart and I just love them.  The solid red ones are from Pier One. The plate rack is from a second-hand store.

a wedding gift from 44 years ago (later this week!!)
One of my bridesmaids gave us this teddy bear cookie jar as a wedding gift. He seldom holds cookies any more, but he is a constant companion in the kitchen. 

Christmas towels on the oven door handle
While I love to sew embellishments on towels for holidays throughout the year, I don't actually use them for anything but decor! 

the corner of a table topper made in 2004. I made a similar project for my sister that  year
Hand appliqué is another form of needlework that I seldom have time to do anymore, but I love it.

wreath hanging on the pantry door
I made this wreath just last year, purchasing the ornaments from Walmart. I saw some of the same goodies in their Christmas section again this year, just the other day.

hauling the Christmas tree
This truck was a fun find at Hobby Lobby last summer. It normally sits on the fireplace mantel with something appropriately seasonal in the back of it. One of the Nativity sets is on the mantel this month, so the truck is on a lamp table instead. The cute little tree was one of the centerpieces from the Ladies' Christmas Event at church. I was blessed to win this one as a door prize.

Diana made this tree for me
My quilting friend Diana made this beautiful quilted tree and I just love it! There was a lot of work put into this project!

Beloved's childhood Santa doll
This Santa Claus, made by Ideal Toys, is probably an antique now. Beloved always places it underneath our main Christmas tree after we have finished hanging all the lights and ornaments.

red wood Christmas card basket
When you send us a Christmas card, this is where it ends up, on our coffee table, where we can easily look through all the cards again and again at leisure.

scenes depicting the real meaning of Christmas,
cross stitch ornament from my Atlanta friend, Be
With all the decorations, food, music and gifts, Christmas really comes down to the celebration of God's gift to us, the birth of His son, Jesus Christ.

Post script: If you get bogged down during the holidays (and let's be honest, that's not unusual), you might want to watch the movie trailer for Frozen.  It makes me laugh out loud with delight at the lines and the animation.  

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  1. good morning! I really do enjoy going on tours of others Christmas decor. Yours is soo lovely! Enjoy your day...

  2. My goodness, you have a lot of decorations and it all looks so warm and inviting. I definitely remember those dishes but we did not have them. Christmas blessings!

  3. Your house looks lovely all decorated for Christmas, Barbara, especially with so many handmade touches that hold such special memories. I also made my children's Christmas stocking the year they were born, and they both have them now. I did needlepoint when I had better eyes, and crewel embroidery. Regretfully, I never learned to sew.Your home made Cabbage Patch Doll is so sweet! A real collector's item!