Sunday, November 30, 2014

When Holiness is Tested

scripture verses in my pocket

Over the years it's been my privilege and blessing to be a part of several Bible studies written by Beth Moore, popular author and Bible study teacher. Her book and study titled, Believing God, has been my favorite thus far. 

However it was in her study,  Breaking Free, that Beth shared a very helpful tactic that has been beneficial to me.  The book is based on the battle she experienced to get past painful experiences, memories that tried to pull her down and destroy her emotionally. She learned that Scripture, God's inspired and written Holy Word, would guide and get her through the tough times when her past threatened to undo her.  

She went on to share that her desperation to be focused on the saving power of Bible verses was so strong that she would write them down on spiral-bound index cards and carry them in her purse, even hanging the verses on the grocery cart to keep them before her as she shopped. She reviewed them over and over.

There are times when all of us are troubled by things. Sometimes we struggle to be free of poor choices made in the past, or we can't seem to shake the memory of critical words hurled at us, or we have worries that sap our emotional strength. 

I have found that when I am having my daily morning quiet time with the Lord, it is helpful to write on a small piece of paper a single verse (or several) that ministers to me, something that applies to where I am on that particular day, something that if I would meditate on it, could make a positive difference in my attitude and choices.

Since I live in a dry climate, I carry my tube of moisturizing lipstick in the right pocket of my jeans at all times. Throughout the day as I need it, I reach into that pocket to grab that tube.  Now I keep that special scrap of paper in there, too. I often will pull it out along with the lipstick to review the scripture I've written.  

It's such a simple act and yet it can call my mind back to where I am supposed to be during the busyness of the day, when circumstances threaten to break my peace. Often, when my holiness is tested, I will pull out the verse and spend a moment meditating on how I should apply it to what has just been said or done to me.

God's Word does not return void; it accomplishes what He desires and achieves His purposes (see Isaiah 55:11). When we chew on what He has said to us, we are helped.  At the end of the day, I pull the scrap of paper out of my pocket and read it again, thinking about how the Lord has indeed been faithful through His Word to me. I have a small pile of those papers on a shelf in my closet because they have become sacred reminders to me of how my Heavenly Father has blessed me.  

Wherewithal shall a young man
cleanse his way?
by taking heed thereto according 
to thy word.
With my whole heart have I sought thee:
O let me not wander from thy commandments.
Thy word have I hid in mind heart,
that I might not sin against thee.

Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counselors.
My soul cleaveth unto the dust:
quicken thou me
according to thy word.

Psalm 119:9-11, 24-25

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