Saturday, November 8, 2014

Prayer Retreat

Recently the women of the church I attend had a 6-hour prayer retreat at a secluded home located on the edge of town. 

With Election Tuesday just a few days before us, we wanted to separate ourselves for a time to pray, as we are directed to do in II Chronicles 7:14.

We brought our Bibles, wore comfortable clothing, and fasted for six hours so the focus would not be on food but on seeking the Lord.

Although we had a printed schedule, our leader stressed at the beginning that we would follow the Lord's leading over strict adherence to our plans.

One of the many advantages of a prayer retreat like this are the helps we are given to prompt our intercession, to keep us on point. We prayed for our family members...

... and we meditated on the names of God that both describe His character qualities and help us to understand how He relates to us, His people.

We spent time praying together in one large room and we had times of private prayer when we could wander all over the property. One of my friends found the chickens outside the barn and sang to them! 

Some of us hiked a deer trail to a high point that gave us the awesome vistas we love in this area. 

It is so good to separate ourselves for a time to be alone with God our Maker, to quiet ourselves before Him, to listen for Him, and to make our requests.

We ended the retreat with prayers for revival within ourselves, our church, our nation, and our world. 

Although that day took us away from our responsibilities for a time, and I'm sure many had to play 'catch-up' later, it was time well-spent.  I felt refreshed and encouraged to put into practice what was shared.  I knew I had heard from God.

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  1. It looks like that is a perfect spot to commune with our Lord and Savior. Getting away for just part of a day is a great idea!