Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hodgepodge Questions - Volume 198

The Hodgepodge is on today with question topics ranging from gratitude to feminism, to gift-giving. To link up with other bloggers who are responding to Joyce's questions, click on this link: From This Side of the Pond

1. What's something you take for granted, that when you stop and think about it you feel truly grateful for? 

Heat, electricity, running water, traffic signals, law enforcement officials ..... I cannot narrow it down to just one!

2. The color brown - love it or not? Yes! What's your favorite shade of brown? Dark chocolate brown. Most loved something in your home or closet in a shade of brown? We have had white walls in most of our apartments and houses over the years of our marriage. I get along well with white, and although I would have enjoyed more color, I really dislike painting.  So when our newly-built home came with a warm tan paint on all the walls, I was thrilled. 

entry hall and dining room of my home

It's just dark enough to contrast nicely with the white woodwork, but light enough to not make the rooms too dark. It's "Macadamia" by Sherwin Williams.

3. What's something you're looking forward to today?

Supper! I made some tofu meatballs and divided them into individual servings and froze them. They were baked with some oil and seasonings so they have a nice crust on them. They taste great with a cashew "alfredo" sauce over spiral-cut zucchini (or gluten-free pasta).

For those who aren't too sure about tofu, you should know that this very versatile food is bland enough to take on the flavors of whatever you put with it, so it's a really handy item to have in the vegan kitchen.

4. The word "feminism" is not new, but it has been generating all kinds of headlines in recent days and months. What do you think/feel when you hear the word? If you're a woman, do you want to be described as a feminist? Why or why not?

Feminism (to me) is an overt effort on the part of women to make men and women equal in areas where we were designed by our Creator to be different. No, I don't want to be described as a feminist because I take pleasure in being female and enjoying the differences of the opposite sex. 

5. What's something you personally can't eat without making a mess?

Everything. Tacos.

6. When did you last surprise someone with a little gift or  when were you last surprised by someone with a little gift? What was it?

Sue and Mary surprised me with a cute pumpkin dish towel when I invited them over for dessert to celebrate Mary's birthday.

7. Share a favorite quote, saying, song lyric or scripture relating to gratitude.

Psalm 103: 1-2 (the King James version of this psalm is my favorite, but all the translations say it just as well)

Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits...

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Simple pleasures ...

Last Thursday we bought a car late in the day when there were snow flurries and it was about ZERO degrees outside. On our way back home we stopped at the Cracker Barrel in Colorado Springs for dinner. While the food was wonderful, the huge burning fireplace was really great! 


  1. What a beautiful home you have! Love Cracker Barrel's roaring fire...that's the main reason I go!

  2. #5-I could have answered the same way : ) I love your paint color. We have a 'kahki' shade in two guest rooms and it is a really livable color. Enjoy your day!

  3. I enjoyed your Hodgepodge! And I love that soft look of your hallway. It's gorgeous. Hope you stay warm and cozy. Flurries and cold weather here.

  4. Another fun Hodgepodge!! I love how you phrased your answer to #4. Yes.