Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Beloved

the appliquéd and quilted birthday banner we use every year

Today is the birthday of Beloved (the pseudonym I've been using for my husband on my blogs). I won't tell you his age but will say that he and I have been celebrating his birthday as a couple for 46 years. He was a college freshman when I gave him the first of many birthday cards!

Beloved in 2012
I've collected a few snapshots from recent years to give you an idea of how we party around here.

Beloved and Grandad Bear
As the long-time fans of my blog already know, Beloved has an 'alter ego,' Grandad Bear, who is also celebrating his birthday today. Just as Beloved can often be found sitting in his dark red recliner in the family room, Grandad Bear spends a lot of time in his own special chair, too.

2011 in our previous house; a birthday party with our staff in 2012;  and celebrating in our new house in 2013

Both Beloved and Grandad Bear like to celebrate with a party, whether small or large, and there is always plenty of curly ribbon that's been stored up over the years and kept in a special box for festive occasions such as this.

me with Beloved at Red Robin in 2011 
The birthday dinner is usually at a restaurant, Texas Roadhouse or Red Robin. Now that we are much more diligent to watch our waistlines, a simple cupcake (ha-ha!) takes the place of a large layer cake with ice cream.

You understand, of course, that the ideal cupcake has more frosting than cake

I love to honor my dear husband with whimsey and he falls for it every time. He is a good sport with his own pleasant sense of humor. Nobody can make me laugh, or can put a smile on my face during hard times, quite like he can. He is God's gift to me.


Happy Birthday, Beloved! You light up my life! I love you!

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  1. What great traditions, and I truly believe that birthdays should be celebrated with as much love and laughter as possible!! Great photos! Happy birthday to your Beloved!