Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yesterday ...

... all my troubles seemed so far away ... (the Beatles).

And indeed they did. The sun rose shiny and bright, the forecasted high was autumn-like, and my yellow lilies were still blooming cheerily just off the front porch. 

I had fun plans lined up. The house was clean and the twinkly lights were plugged in, both in the entry hall and ...

... in the dining room, where a festive feel was in the air.

Exactly on time, Denise arrived for a day of fun in my basement sewing room.

As a result of one of my blog posts, Denise had said she would like to learn how to make the mesh ribboned wreath that Sheila had taught to me.

Lily, in the pink hoodie,  Mandy Sue in the black sun dress,
Eaves Dropping in the newspaper hat (she's our local Home and Garden Editor,
and Mrs Berniece Mertz, our chef

My staff met Denise at the door to help carry in her supplies for the project, and then we trundled down to the basement.  After just a few words of instruction, Denise was busily working on her wreath, and I made one from the leftovers of a previous project. 

Come late morning we adjourned to the deck for a delicious lunch cooked by Mrs Berniece Mertz and Denise (who brought the lovely fruit). 

Mrs Berniece Mertz made a fabulous vegetarian chili (ever considerate of my odd eating ways), and it hit the spot for all of us (in spite of the fact that this photo is sideways!!).

She also prepared a  light pineapple cole slaw with a creamy pineapple sauce.  (I told Denise it was a peanut butter dressing but that wasn't right -- it was made with cashews).  I asked my chef for the recipes to share with you blog readers, but she just waved her hand and said "not today."

Aren't we all? Blessed, that is!

We cleaned up the kitchen and returned to the basement retreat to add embellishment to our work before calling it a day.

We took a group photo at the very end. Eaves Dropping had to rush off after lunch to meet a publishing deadline ("eat and run"), so Grammy Bear was going to hold the camera, but she has no thumbs, so that wasn't going to work. I told her to join the group and I took the picture instead. 

"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away ..."  I think I'll play again tomorrow! Note: Post Script below

Here is Denise's new wreath on her front door.  She says she will probably replace the bow with something darker, like in a dark green. Be sure to note who's peeking out the window!


  1. A fun day, indeed, and that meal looks beyond delicious!! Great project!!

  2. The best kind of day for sure. And, a beautiful wreath to boot! Cute post!

  3. Your wreath is beautiful..I love it.. And the chili looks delicious.. What a fun day..Great post! Enjoy your weekend ahead!

  4. Your home is so pretty, Barbara!

    It looks like you had a wonderful wreath making day with your friend and "staff" :)

    I think I spied a Christmas wreath you also made on the wall? Am I right?

    Your lunch looked delicious!