Saturday, October 25, 2014

Food for the Soul October 25-26, 2014

It is the weekend, a time when I like to write a little message to feed the soul. All during the week I look for what God is saying to me. Often there is something to be learned as  scriptural application is made to the simplest of things in everyday life. 

The town where Beloved and I live is surrounded by hills and mountains, and many small canyons. If one were to turn away from the evidence of modern civilization and gaze at the undeveloped areas, it would be very easy to imagine John Wayne galloping through on his horse, or the characters from the Love Comes Softly books homesteading the land.

Last year Denise and I hiked the trail up Castle Rock, for which my town is named, and were able to see for many miles in every direction. Truth be told, we can get this kind of panoramic view from many spots around the town and I really enjoy them.

Beloved and I frequently hike the trails all around our house for both exercise and the mental exhilaration we get from being able to see far and wide.

We can see the traffic on the highway heading north and disappearing around the bend just before Happy Canyon. We can see the building boom of new houses (one of which is ours) with huge yellow earth movers creating streets and home foundations. The trains blow their whistles while chugging through, often pulling many cars of black coal and automobiles, among other things.

There is a McDonalds positioned just a short block from one set of the train tracks and it's not unusual to see a train stopped at just about that spot. Beloved tells me the train engineer stops there for lunch. That always makes me smile. We have no idea if that's true, but it may be!

As I gaze at my town and squint to make out the details, I am reminded of God and His sovereignty, the One who sees all and has it in His control. One of His names in Hebrew is "El Roi," the God of Seeing (see Genesis 16:13). This name was given to God by Hagar at a time when she was alone and desperate in the wilderness after an altercation with Abraham's wife, Sarah.  She knew God had seen her in her distress and that He is a God who lives and sees all.

Even from my perspective atop Castle Rock, I cannot see all that is happening in my town, but nothing escapes the notice of El Roi, the God who sees. This comforts me as the media bombards us with bad news and dire predictions.

For those of us who know God and have accepted His gift of salvation, we can trust Him to bring us through the hard times with victory in the end. He sees all that is happening on a worldwide scale as well as the intimate details of our lives. He sees it all and He cares.

It takes discipline to keep our eyes on our Savior when times are tough, but when we do, the troublesome news lessens and our hope is strengthened. 

Those who wait for the LORD.
Will gain new strength;
They will mount up with wings like eagles,
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary.
Isaiah 40:31 NASB

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  1. This is a beautiful panoramic view of your area and wise and faithful words! Lovely post, Barbara>