Monday, September 1, 2014

Waffles on the Deck


As I type this message it is Saturday morning, but I'm thinking this will make for a pleasant post on Labor Day, this coming Monday. 

The widget on my laptop computer tells me the current temperature is 62 degrees, but the sun is out, so with long sleeves and jeans, we are very comfortable dining on the deck at 8:40am. Beloved opened up the large umbrella that he bought for us last week.  There is a tilting feature so he can angle the shade to make it just right. He's a fair-skinned fellow, so skin cancers pop up.  He's learned to take precautions against that.

Shortly after he said grace over our breakfast, we could hear a train coming through town. We remarked how the sound was coming from over our shoulders, to the west, although the two sets of tracks are east of us. Our conclusion was that the reverberations hit the hills and bounce around.

our view from the deck toward train tracks (no trains in this picture)

Mmm.  There is just the slightest breeze wafting the scent of Beloved's Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee.  I took myself off coffee two years ago, but I still love the homey, warm scent.

Steven Cleobury's Heavenly Voices (a boys' choir) are singing "Lift Thine Eyes" from Elijah from iTunes on my computer as I type this out to you.... brings back memories from my 8th and 9th grade girls' glee club in junior high (before they began calling it 'middle school').  My teacher was a young woman from Phoenix and I'm pretty sure my school in Southern California was her first teaching job. She was a Christian and in those days we could sing music with Biblical lyrics in public schools. "Lift Thine Eyes" was an a cappella piece that I have loved all these years. 

Beloved breakfasts with frozen, store-bought waffles on what I like to call "Waffle Wednesday." Then on Saturdays we have either waffles or pancakes made from scratch with a gluten-free flour mix, depending on my mood and the amount of time we have. Interestingly enough, gluten-free waffles take longer to cook (9 minutes in my electric waffle iron), so they are better suited for leisurely mornings. It has to do with the flour, I'm sure.

Beloved, being a traditionalist with no digestive issues, has margarine and syrup on his waffles, while I spread applesauce and a date-nut-chia seed mix over mine. 

mango green smoothie from Friday morning 

Oh by the way, do you like our new placemats? I was in Bed Bath and Beyond the other day and these jumped out at me. They brighten our table and help us gracefully slip into the days of autumn.

It's been a wonderful summer here. We have had no major forest fires and more rain than usual. The weather has reminded us many times of our days in Seattle, back in the late 1970s. But I do love fall, too. I enjoy wearing socks, sweaters, and scarves.  

writing a blog post after breakfast

Ah... now my iTunes is playing Richard Abel on the piano, "The Homecoming." This was the theme song, I think, on the TV premiere that preceded The Waltons television series. A local Denver station used to play this arrangement a  lot in the early 1980s and I loved it. Then we moved to another state over a thousand miles away and I was miserable. Every time I heard the song my eyes would tear up with longing for Colorado.

Well, the waffles are gone (yum!) and I need to get on with my day. I plan to return a stack of cookbooks to the public library and then we'll drive up to Denver to do a small bit of shopping. Saturday is usually pizza night around here and I like to watch Hallmark's "Cedar Cove" series.  

As I have reflected on simple pleasures this morning, I hope you are in a place where you can pray these words with me:

Oh Lord, You have been good
You have been faithful to all generations
O Lord, Your steadfast love and tender mercies
Have been our salvation
For by Your hand we have been fed
And by Your spirit we have been led

Saturday morning on the deck


  1. Well, I so enjoyed this post and the gorgeous pictures. I can't imagine missing the goodness of butter and syrup on good ole waffles. But, one does what one has to do. Right?

    I am watching the Cedar Cove series on Netflix right now and am thoroughly enjoying it. I have 4 more shows and I'll be caught up. But, I don't know when the new series begins.

    Love your deck and your new umbrella!

  2. Your deck is so functional and pretty, Barbara! We have a cement patio that was too short and we just had it enlarged by 5 feet when we did some landscaping, so I'm hoping we will be able to enjoy sitting outside next summer. Your new placemat are pretty!