Friday, August 29, 2014

What's Happening at Meadow Cabin

Last month I wrote a post with the same title as what I am using today.  It was a time to catch-up on recent events.... newsy for my readers while an exercise for me in sorting out the happenings in my life and trying to make sense of it all. 

Life can push us unwittingly into a state of mental frenzy where we just do what needs to be done without taking the time to contemplate. If there is one thing I've learned in the last decade or so, I don't handle clutter and chaos very well! 

When I was younger and had more people (and animals) in the house, with schedules to keep and that "Mom's Taxi" bumper sticker on my mini van -- well, in that stage of life one has to put up with clutter and chaos, in spite of our best efforts to keep it under control.

But now that it's just Beloved and me (yes, even the dogs are gone), I get truly distressed when my peace is disturbed for too long of a time. Maybe it has to do with aging.

So, my week ...

I can't show you a snapshot of this because all I have is a video, but last Sunday one of our grandsons was baptized because he has asked Jesus to be his Savior and Lord. That was most definitely the highlight of my week! 

We have been blessed with two of our grandsons getting baptized this summer.  Now they are my "little brothers" in Christ!

my grocery shopping list
Then past actions of mine came back to both hamper and help me.  You may think me to be OCD, but most weeks I type up my grocery shopping list and carry it on a clipboard to the two to three stores where I shop.  This keeps me from buying more than I should and prevents my mental ducks from wandering after I've made my menu plans.

Apparently last week I left my clipboard in the shopping cart after unloading the groceries into the car. Boo! It was a clear aqua plastic one that I really liked. I didn't discover this until a week later as I was gathering my things to do the weekly shopping. So that was the hampering part.

I knew I had at least one other clipboard packed away from our move last year. So this is where a past action helped me. I did much of the packing for our move myself, using the Emilie Barnes' method of filling white Bankers Boxes, numbering each one, and making a list of the contents of each box. When she first suggested this years ago in one of her books, she used index cards, one card for each box.  (see Emilie's book, More Hours in My Day)

organization is a thing of beauty!
I, of course, did not use index cards but instead put it all on my computer in an Excel document. This program has a search feature so when I wanted to find another clip board, I simply typed that into the search engine and in moments it told me to look in box 29. 

As George Peppard used to say on the old TV series, "A Team," I love it when a plan comes together!

lunch by myself on the deck
In between the grocery stores I had the pleasure of lunching on the deck with my feet propped up on the box that stores our chair cushions. I am thoroughly enjoying the health and flavor benefits of a nearly all-vegan, nearly all-raw, totally gluten-free, and nearly dairy-free habit of eating. On this particular day, my entree was red lettuce combined with sliced red grapes, sliced bananas, a splash of rice vinegar, and topped with a chia seed and nut mixture.

pineapple and garbanzo beans on top of a portobello mushroom
While I'm on the subject of food, I was also blessed by my daughter (once again!) when she sent me pictures of some of her favorite vegan recipes, accompanied with her own snapshots.  When  I sent that email on to Beloved, he just had to chuckle and shake his head, saying, "Like mother, like daughter!"  Tell me, how many of you take snapshots of most of your food?!!

But then the entire week was not rosy. One of our grand nieces was bit by a neighbor dog in the afternoon and by midnight she had been to 2 hospitals and was in surgery to repair the damage done to her precious little face. Thankfully, the dog's shots were up-to-date and the surgeon appears to have done a very skillful job.  We now pray for no signs of infection and for recovery from the trauma of it all. 

That was on the East coast. A couple of days later we got a call that my aunt on the West coast is tending to her husband who is hospitalized and not doing well at all. So we continue to petition our Lord to minister to the hurting in our family.

Bad news often comes in 3s. But the last one ends on a bright note. I have been drinking a lot of water this week for what felt like a  small kidney stone in the left flank.  Peggy suggested adding lemon to the water.  I did that, alternating it with Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and after a day or so of that, the pain is completely gone. Cured? Passed on? I hope so. Thank You, Lord!

the raised flower bed in our back yard

In the back yard we do, finally, have some flowers coming up in the raised flower bed. Last year at this time we had gorgeous, bold-colored Zinnias, but I don't know if the birds picked out my seeds, or if they got too much water.... they didn't come to the show! 

The Cosmos did come, although not in the profusion I expected. I've not have them in yellow and orange before, so that was pleasant.

one of 3 mums added to the garden
Wanting more color before the snows arrive (which can be early here along Colorado's Front Range), I bought 3 small pots of mums and plopped them into the ground with some healthy potting soil.

Veronica Speedwell

If any of you are wondering about Veronica Speedwell, she is doing very well after recovering from the shock of her transplantation from Illinois to Colorado. She was in quite a snit about it for several weeks and I feared our efforts to establish her with us would be fatal. But the care my brother-in-law gave in her  younger years must have given her a strong constitution and now, under my care, she has come around. 

This pretty well brings you up-to-date with the joys and pathos of this week.  There is one more thing I'd like to say that affects all Americans as we are bombarded with terrible news every day. 

Trust the Lord. As Anne Graham Lotz said in her e-Devotional, "It's time to simply Trust." If you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, then you know this all eventually turns out for your good. Yes, some extremely tough times are here and it may get worse for us, but better to trust God and ride it out with Him. If you have any doubts, read the Book of Revelation in the Bible. God wins in the end!

Remember in an earlier paragraph of this post when I said that my past actions came back to help me? When Jesus Christ calls His children Home, be sure that your past action of trusting Him as your Savior comes back to bless you! If you don't know how to do that, scroll to the header of this blog and click on the link that is titled, "How to Get to Heaven", or simple click here.

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