Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge Questions - Volume 187


     Joyce has come up with questions this week having to do with Labor Day weekend.  To see what other bloggers are saying on this subject, click here:

Sometimes my formatting gets a little goofy when I answer these questions (i.e. the "1" floating in the upper left hand corner...) I can't fix it so we'll just ignore that and read on, okay?

One aspect of "labor" that Joyce did not touch on was that of childbirth ... I have a niece who is due in this next week to embark on the adventure of motherhood (for the 2nd time). I pray it goes very well for her and the precious little girl she is carrying.

.   1. As August draws to close, share what’s been your favorite weekend of the entire summer.

That’s hard to narrow down because it’s been a good summer. But among my favorites was the few days I got to spend in the South when 2 of my 3 children and their children all got together. There were a total of 14 of us. It’s very hard for us all to get together, so that was a very special time.

me 'n my grandchildren

2.   Labor Day is marked in the US of A on Monday, September 1st. What paying job have you held that you’ve loved the most? Liked the least?

My favorite paying job was when I was a receptionist at a Christian radio station. My least favorite job was at a bank during my newlywed days.

3.   Does the new school year start before or after Labor Day where you live? When do you think it should begin? There is much discussion about older students having later start times to their school day .. your thoughts?

Ahem. Please excuse me while I climb onto my soapbox to reply to this question. I think that anybody, teenager or not, would get plenty of sleep if they disciplined themselves enough to get to bed earlier. Creating a later school start time for teenagers is a bad idea because they are, at that stage of life, nearly full-grown adults, needing to prepare for adult responsibilities.  Most adults don’t get to have a late start time for their jobs just because they are sleepy. (good grief!)

I like the idea of school starting after Labor Day and ending before Memorial Day. Those holidays are natural breaks from which we can transition from one season to another.

4.   What’s something you’ve worked at recently that could be deemed a ‘labor of love’?

Nothing in particular (recently), but tying in with Question 5 (below), “a woman’s work is never done…”  If her work doesn’t get done, the household quickly degenerates to a sorry state. So I consider the work of a homemaker to be a continuing “labor of love.”

5.   Which of the following work idioms can you most relate to right now … ‘A woman’s work is never done.’, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ ‘Many hands make light work.’

See my reply to Question 4 (above).

6.   Crab or lobster or thanks, but no thanks? Favorite way to have your choice prepared?

While I like both crab and lobster, grilled salmon (preferably at Texas Roadhouse, with a green salad and a plain baked sweet potato) is one of my most favorite dinners in the world.

7.   Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, ‘Three rules of work: Out of clutter find simplicity; For discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.’ Which of the three do you consider to be the most important? Share one of your own ‘rules of work’.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” I am aware of the needs of some people that I wish I could help but I am not able (for a myriad of unnamed reasons). I am reminded of times in my past when I faced great difficulties and no one came to my rescue. With the Lord’s grace, I got through those times and have lived to tell about it. My conclusion is that in the middle of difficulties are opportunities to learn to cope and grow stronger in the process.

As for one of my own “rules of work”? Do the task now and get it over with so you might have time left over to do something fun.

8. Insert your own random thought here:
One of my grand dogs with sunglasses
Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!


  1. Hello, and thanks for visiting my Hodgepodge today! I enjoyed getting to know you, through your blog and answers! You have a beautiful family!! The picture is just full of joy and love - it is written on each face! You are blessed, indeed!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks so much for joining the Hodgepodge today, and for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!
    I enjoyed reading your answers, and 'getting to know' you.

    Your thoughts were correct concerning teenagers and later school hours. They do need to get prepared for adulthood--but many don't,despite their parents best efforts. That was my experience, anyway.

    You have a lovely family! So many beautiful 'grands' :) You are SO blessed!

  3. I agree with you completely about keeping school start times as they are. By the time they are teenagers they do indeed need to be learning about real life. Plus, if they start later, they will get out later and how will that work with activities and jobs?

  4. What a great group of grands and an adorable grandpup! It has to be fun in your family.

  5. Such a cute puppy picture : ) Our families are all spread out too, so time together is precious. Glad you had some of that this summer!

  6. I agree completely with #3. And any weekend spent with kiddos and grands is a great weekend in my world!