Friday, August 1, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook August 1, 2014

It's been a few months since I last linked to The Simple Woman's Daybook, but this is the beginning to a new month so it seems like a good time for this fun exercise. 

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For Today

Outside my window ... the sun is setting, and thankfully, we can see it tonight. We have had rain here for days, making it seem a lot more like Seattle than Colorado.

I am thinking ... when I finish on the computer tonight, I should lay down on an ice pack. The arthritis in my neck is flaring up and the ice pack usually helps with the pain caused by inflammation. My change to a mostly raw, mostly vegan diet has all but eliminated the arthritis flare-ups in my hands and neck, but when I over do, the neck hurts some. (I eat animal products in the form of low-fat meats and an egg about 4 times a week)

I am thankful ... for some "ordinary" things, like my husband's paycheck to buy groceries today, gas in my car, and the health to keep our house clean. These simple things should never be taken for granted.  They could all disappear in the blink of an eye.

In the kitchen ... the dishwasher is running just a few feet from where I am sitting at the breakfast table. Let me add a Post Script to the last question -- I am thankful for my dishwasher!!!

I am wearing ... (you won't believe this) a long-sleeved T over an undershirt (for warmth), long blue jeans, socks with sneakers, silver hoop earrings and my glasses.  Not only have we had rain for days, but today before the rain stopped it was downright cold around here. Midday I had to surrender and change to warmer clothes.

I am creating ... a quilt for the expected baby of one of my nieces and her husband. The baby is due to be born the end of September.  Another niece is due the first of September.  I completed the quilt for her baby last weekend. (I intend to post pictures of these quilts after the babies are born.)

I am going ... (weather-permitting) to a picnic at a state park in the mountains this Saturday.  Some of our church people are going to be camping up there and those of us who aren't campers are invited up to lunch that day. I plan to take a rice-and-pinto-bean salad. 

I am reading ... Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator CookBook.

We bought a dehydrator recently and now I am learning how to take advantage of it.

I am hoping ... to learn wonderful things from the above-mentioned book, most especially how to make my own crackers (gluten-free, of course), and maybe tortillas, too.

I am looking forward to ... the weekend. Beloved has been working from home for 5 years, but last week the corporate fathers declared everyone must work in the office five days a week. It's not the worst hardship in the world, but being the creatures of habit that we are, it's an adjustment to send him off every day. I liked having him around, even though he worked hard in his home office. It will be good to have him home on Saturday and Sunday.

I am learning ... how to be more at ease with gluten-intolerance.  That, too, is a big adjustment.

Around the house ... actually outside.  One of our Lilac bushes died recently from over-watering.  In this new house we have a sprinkler drip line that really helps with watering the bushes in rocked areas beyond the lawn. But we are finding out there is a learning curve to that and as a result we have had this one fatality.

I am pondering ... what to put in the place of that Lilac bush. I am thinking of a decorative bench or something like that -- something that doesn't need to be watered.  There are 2 more Lilac bushes in that same area, so we don't HAVE to plant something there.

A favorite quote for today ...

My daughter posted this on Face Book recently and I really like it. I need to remember this the next time I have a bad hair day!

One of my favorite things ... sitting in my recliner first thing in the morning with a hot cup of green tea and reading my Bible. Meditating on God's Word and praying at the beginning of each day helps to focus me on the right things. Psalm 5:3 encourages me to commit what I have to do to Him and then watch to see how He works things out.

In the morning, Lord,
you hear my voice;
in the morning 
I lay my requests before you
and wait expectantly.
Psalm 5:3

A few plans for the rest of the week: meeting my Mary Kay Consultant (and hiking buddy) to buy more foundation and eye shadow, sew, maybe go to the county fair, and try making some crackers in the dehydrator.

A peek into my day ... our salad this evening:

Salad Greens with Dehydrated Nectarines:
A variety of salad greens combined with toasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds), crumbled Feta cheese, home-dehydrated nectarines, and Balsamic vinegar. (Omit the Feta cheese to make this dairy-free)

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  1. Love that salad, it looks yummy. I have always wondered about a dehydrater, hope it goes well. I loved my visit to your blog and will come again soon.

  2. Your garden must be charming, isn't it?:)
    Have a nice day!:)

  3. Enjoyed your Daybook post...that salad looks delicious!