Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Blessing of an Ordinary Day

flowers outside my public library
My day began with a leisurely pace.  I put the finishing touches on  my grocery list and then headed out to the post office, a farmer's market, the library, Walmart, home to put away stuff and eat lunch, and then out again to Michael's, Sprouts, and King Soopers.

today's borrowings from the public library
After putting away groceries and before Beloved texted me to say he was heading home from the office, I had a few minutes to sit down and browse through the books I had brought home from the library. I found a recipe for salmon that I adapted to my preferences and prepared for my dinner. Beloved doesn't care for seafood (with the exception of deep-fried shrimp).

our new umbrella for the deck

Yesterday we bought this 9-foot diameter umbrella on close-out at our favorite furniture store.  We really wanted to dine on the deck this evening, but the storm clouds played havoc with our resolve. 

the open umbrella

As time passed, the clouds passed away so we could go ahead and get set up outside. 

Oh, I forgot to include in my errands today that I made a stop at the dollar store to buy 4 dinner plates. Since I often share with you what we are eating, it was time for some new backdrops for my edible creations... I got four of them, in case we have guests sometime.

our dinner on Thursday night: Beloved's burger is on the left; my salmon is on the right

Our dinner was a grilled burger for hubby, and oven-baked salmon for me (recipe from one of the library books). Then we both had oven fries and salad greens topped with peaches from the Farmer's Market and an orange juice-infused vinaigrette.

our nightly habit
After dinner Beloved pulled out the devotional book we are using this year and read the selection for today. We always finish up the evening meal with scripture and prayer for our family and anybody else that comes to mind.

Today was a fairly ordinary day. Not all days are that easy, so I am thankful for this one. Regular habits, routines, rituals serve as one of the foundations that give me comfort when troubling things are on my mind. 


  1. I just happened to see this post come up as I was ready to close my computer and retire. You had a very productive day, Barbara! Your dinners look delicious. We both like fish and salmon is often on the menu.

    I like Max Lucado's writings. Will you add me to your prayer list? Some long time health aliments have flared up lately and I could use the prayers--thanks!

  2. Oh, isn't it the truth, an ordinary day with an ordinary routine does bring us peace when all around us things are adrift. Loved this and it brought a smile to my face this Friday morning. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  3. Does your husband realize yet that you're getting the best deal by eating the salmon? Who wouldn't want salmon! The deck looks like a very inviting place to dine. I hope you get lots of storm-free days ahead.