Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Celebrating Our Lil' Fig

Figgy Brownies for dessert
We bloggers can find our inspiration for writing in some odd places. Today is one of those times.

Earlier this month we were very surprised to learn that Grandchild Number Ten is on the way, due to be born in February. We have 5 grandsons and 4 granddaughters, ranging in age from 15 months to 14 years.  One of the boys has been an only child for all of his life and is now thrilled to have a sibling on the way. The other children are equally happy to learn they will now have more than one cousin, so there is joy all around!

The parents of all of our grands live entirely too far away, which is a mixed blessing. When kids grow up, you pray and hope they will move out of the house and find a job.  So our kids did that and their jobs took them entirely too far away.

As a result of their blessed employment in faraway places, I have not able to spend much time with the expectant parents during the exciting months while the 9 grandchildren were in-utero. Such is the case with this pregnancy, too.

To feel more a part of things, I'm subscribed to a website that gives a weekly update on the progress of the baby's growth and development. Last week our baby was the size of a grape; this week it's the size of a fig.

With that revelation, I decided to share with you my recipe for Figgy Brownies, which is (of course) raw vegan and both gluten- and dairy-free. I realize this recipe will not appeal to everybody's taste buds, but if you want a dessert that is healthy enough to also serve as a meal, and can satisfy your sweet tooth without guilt, you might like to try this.

As is the case with many raw vegan recipes, soaking dried fruit, nuts and seeds for 30 minutes to a couple of hours softens the food and removes phytic acid, making them easier to digest. Rinse them well after soaking, and dispose of the soaking water (or water your plants with it).

close examination reveals the nutritious fiber of these moist brownies
Figgy Brownies

2 cups dried figs, soaked in water until soft, drained
2 cups Medjool dates, seeded, soaked, drained
2 cups raw almonds, soaked and drained
1/2 cup cocoa powder
2 Tablespoons pure vanilla extract

In a food processor, place the figs, dates, and almonds. Add the cocoa powder and the vanilla and mix well. Spread the mixture evenly in an 8-inch by 8-inch pan. Cover and refrigerate several hours or overnight before serving. 

This is a rich recipe, so cut each piece into about 1-inch by 1-inch squares to serve. Keep the leftovers in the refrigerator for a few days, or freeze for a couple of months.

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  1. Oh, bless your heart, I feel your pain with the distance. We had that with our daughter until just two months ago and now she's just 3 1/2 hours away. We are so, so happy to have her closer than 14 hours. Thankfully our son and family live here.

    The fig brownies look awesome and I'm quite sure that my Hubby would inhale them. Blessings!