Tuesday, July 8, 2014

3 Gifts Water

Eleven Mile Canyon

Today's post is inspired by Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare Collection, where she has used an entire calendar year to suggest things for which we should be thankful.  Today's prompting is to find three gifts having to do with water. This one is so easy that I'll show four gifts.

My first one is the water of Eleven Mile Canyon, Beloved's favorite place to fish.  We've been going up there for over 35 years.  Whether fish are caught or not, the sights and sounds of the cold melted snow splashing over the boulders is always a balm to our senses.

Clouds marching toward us from the Rocky Mountains

My second gift of water is the sight of clouds heading our way nearly every summer's afternoon. Sometimes we get a sudden deluge of rain, and other times it's just a lot of wind. Either way, it's usually over by early evening, but it makes living in Colorado interesting.  I specifically wanted to be able to watch the clouds approaching from the West when we chose the lot for our new house last year.

the ice maker bucket in our refrigerator

I can't imagine what it was like back in my mother's childhood when the "ice man" brought large blocks of ice to the house, before refrigerators could create little cubes of ice for us. What a blessing this is!

our powder room

At the risk of coming across as indelicate, I have to include this blessing. I am thankful for this marvelous invention and how it makes life immeasurably easier for all of us!!!

So, these are my "3 Gifts Water" -- all could be taken for granted. By God's grace, we are blessed with streams, rivers, clouds and thunderstorms, running water inside our homes, and toilets.  

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