Saturday, June 7, 2014

Where Have You Been???

Top Left: me with The Cook on Fifth Street. Center: me with Surfer Girl. Top Right: me with Sister
Bottom photo: me with my 9 grandchildren and 1 grand puppy

Oh wait!  It's not where you have been ... I was the one who put a hold on blogging so I could travel.  So where have I been?

The past month has been a delightful whirlwind of travel to see family and sights and to dine on wonderful food -- all of it gluten free, much of it vegan and a lot of that was raw.  I came home weighing the same amount as when I began the travels!!!

My first trip required air travel to the Land of Surf and Palms.  Beloved was not able to get away from his Day Job to accompany me and he was greatly missed, but I managed to have a wonderful experience all the same.

Surfer Girl and Surfer Boy, along with Guppy and his puppy encouraged me to soak my feet in their pool as often as I wanted. (I am of the firm, unmovable opinion that a woman of my age does not need to be seen in swimwear)

The visit included time spent with an old friend, Lizzie.  These little guys are found in great number in that part of the country. While I'm not a reptile-lover, I learned to appreciate these little guys during the two times Beloved's Day Job required us to live in the Land of Surf and Palms. These "miniature gators" do no harm except to startle the beejeebies out of me from time to time.

Guppy was in his last weeks at the Christian school and Surfer Boy was working out of town for my first day or so of the visit, so that meant my daughter could take me to fun places, just the two of us. THAT is a rare treat anymore and I drank it all in with delight!

In addition to a mutual love for sewing and interior decorating, Surfer Girl and I now share an appreciation for eating raw vegan as much as possible. She has learned over the last couple of years that eating this way has greatly helped with some health challenges and now I am experiencing the same thing. So it was only natural that she would take me to a completely raw vegan cafe in her town.  I had the lasagna and she the tostada.

Our dessert was a shared slice of cheesecake -- completely dairy-free and raw!  (how did they do that??)  

We visited a fresh produce market that had veggies in colors I've only seen in gourmet magazines: purple carrots, yellow celery, and gold beets.  

Per my request, we made Kale Chips with Awesome Sauce in her dehydrator.  This was surprisingly delicious!

But my visit was about more than the food... end-of-year activities at the school and church filled a couple of our evenings. Here Guppy models the vest and awards from his year of participation in AWANA (derived from the first letters of Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15).

Then more excitement was in store when our Homeschooling Family of ten (yes, that's 8 kiddos) arrived to attend the huge convention in town. They were able to get me in on a free Grammy Ticket (okay, "Grandparent Pass") for one day of the event, which I enjoyed very much. We, along with many other homeschooling families, brought our own lunches and found a nitch in the convention hallway to picnic.

On Sunday the Surfer family won the award for bringing the most visitors to church ... and that was followed up with ...

... a Pizza and Pool Party!  Guppy loved having his many cousins over  for this time of splashing and fun.  (and in case you are wondering, some of us had a hearty salad instead of pizza)

All good things have to come to an end at some time. The day after the pool party extravaganza, I flew home to Rocky Mountain High where the weather was much cooler. Beloved met me at the airport and we had supper at Panera Bread where the fireplace felt good!

My next post will feature pictures from the second part of my travels.  Be sure to check back!

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  1. Welcome home, Barbara! We have both been traveling a lot lately, but I'm sure your travels were extra wonderful because you were able to spend so many good times with your children and grandchildren.

    I am also fascinated by vegan food and have pinned many Vegan recipes to my Pinterest board as well as my Gluten free board. My DIL and one grandson are gluten sensitive, so I always cook gluten free when they are dining with us. There are many wonderful recipes to be found online--we are fortunate that way!