Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where Have You Been? Part Three (last)

Today I will finish up the story of our vacation to South Dakota, show pictures of our visit to Land of Lincoln to see family, and conclude with the trip home.

After spending a couple of hours with the Minuteman Missile memories (see my previous post), we had lunch at Wall Drug.  This is a fun place on Interstate 80 where you can get free ice water, lunch (not free) and all the touristy souvenirs you can imagine.  They also have fun places to take pictures, and some of those water fountains that pop up intermittently out of the sidewalk.  I didn't take many pictures because we needed to eat and run, but as you can see, Beloved and I did make some new friends.

Not far from Wall Drug is another national park, the Badlands of South Dakota. What can I say about this place?  It's like the Grand Canyon except not quite as colorful but nonetheless interesting.

There are rattlesnakes, but I am very happy to report we saw none of them during our visit.

In the four years that we lived in the Rapid City area (some 40 years ago) we never made it out to the Badlands.  It didn't sound appealing to us then.  But we are much older now and we found them to be fascinating.

Look closely in that dark area in about the center of this picture. You can see a mountain goat resting in the shade. What you can't see is her two babies just out of sight to the left on their own ledge.  

Here is another one.  We stopped as she crossed the road. There were several more on either side of the car. This reminded us of the animals approaching our car during our trip to Yellowstone several years ago.

I wouldn't be able to explain to you all of the geological significance of what we saw at the Badlands; but I do believe we were viewing some amazing evidence of our Creator's handiwork that, if studied carefully, would reveal great truth about earth history.

We drove on to Land of Lincoln, spending another night in South Dakota and enjoying a lot of beautiful, green countryside along the way. I always enjoy crossing the Mississippi River since it's a "whole lotta wata" compared to what we have in Colorado.

The bridges and the traffic that go under them are a whole 'nother story, too. It's intriguing to see the "tricks" the bridges do to facilitate waterway traffic.

The purpose of our trip to Land of Lincoln was to see my sister, my mother, and other extended family members. They live in a quiet town in farm country.  

Usually when we visit, Sister has questions to ask Beloved about computer matters. We are "Mac" people, by the way.

I brought my sewing machine along so I could make good on my promise to do some alterations for Sister.

Sister and The Cook on Fifth Street are next-door neighbors.  Although The Cook does cook, during our visit, she came to Sister's house for several meals so we could all be together as family.

Sister and former farmer now live in town in a big antique house that was built during President Abraham Lincoln's lifetime. Here Sister stands on a portion of the huge wrap-a-round porch of her home.

We took a walk one morning from their house to downtown. This quaint gazebo begged for a picture of us.  By the way, when we were girls growing up, people often mistook us for twins! On occasion we still cause people to question that.

The houses in this town are like something out of Disney's Pollyanna movie.  

Oh the parties and adventures one could have with these houses! If I had one of these houses, I'd do a bed and breakfast, for sure!

The Cook on Fifth Street has a smaller version of these mansions and she decorates "country" with quilts and antiques. She made this Log Cabin quilt years ago during a visit to my house.  

We had a good visit for several days but then the time to came to head for home. These huge wind turbines peppered the countryside much of the way. To while away the hours on the road, I made up stories about how I think these turbines are aliens from outer space, disguised as do-gooders but really come to take advantage of us.  

Not to worry. I won't publish that story. I'm sure somebody political would get on my case about it and my book would never sell.

Another story of note was our motel room on the way home. I will not say exactly where it was, but we have stayed there many times over the years. Only this time it had been sold to another national motel chain and MAJOR renovations greeted us.

The orange walls and lack of carpeting were startling but the most disturbing thing was the distance of the toilet paper holder from the toilet!  Not even the tallest person with a good reach could ... oh never mind. 

Beloved filled out a questionnaire about our stay and mentioned it.  A few days later he got an apologetic reply saying they had fixed it.  

However, that was the last night we will stay there. We'll find other lodging next time. I'm surprised we slept at all with those orange glowy walls.

The one redeeming feature of that motel was the restaurant next door.... one of America's favorites, I'm sure! I had the pan-fried trout for supper (from their gluten-free menu). Delicious!

Always a welcome sight for our traveling eyes, Colorado is our home and we love it!

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  1. We missed Wall Drug on our trip to SD --must check it out if we go again! I was also fascinated by the Badlands and happy to have seen it.

    The land of Lincoln looks beautiful! I;m sure you enjoyed seeing your sister. Her house is one I've always dreamed of with that bih front porch..sigh. It does look right out of the movie Pollyanna!