Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Watching Cement Dry

I hope that this post doesn't sound too disjointed.  The last week has been stressful around here and we've lost a little sleep. All sorts of things have been a-poppin'  for us and for many of those I hold dear. In my extended family there was a quick decision to have surgery, a death and funeral for another, and concerns for our people in the flooded areas of the South. A dear friend had emergency heart surgery, and I apparently ate something with wheat in it, because I got a reaction from it and have not felt tip top.  Then there was the matter of a 'home repair,' which is the subject of this post (below) -- all in the last week!!

I am thankful to say that the Lord is holding us close and working all things out for good because we belong to Him and are committed to His purposes. (Romans 8:28)

So with that in mind, please read on and maybe find a chuckle or two as I "Watch Cement Dry."

This particular adventure began last Wednesday when contractors hired by our   home builder came to destroy our driveway, which had begun to crack horribly not long after we moved into our brand new house a year ago. 

Colorado has nasty dirt, full of clay and something called Bentonite that expands and contracts wickedly depending if it's wet or dry. Homebuilders go to great measures to prevent cracking concrete but sometimes the dirt wins the battle!

The process of destruction was interesting to watch. What was not so entertaining was to see a water drain pipe and sprinkler lines underneath the driveway get cracked and smashed. They were defenseless as the cement on top of them was broken up.

Those problems got fixed (although not immediately, and I am not posting pictures of that); then the cement truck rolled up.  From my safe vantage point on the porch, I watched every detail of the process.

I do need to point out that all this activity took several days from start to finish, in spite of it looking like just a couple hours of work in my pictures.  It was intriguing to me that an affiliate of Beloved's longtime previous employer delivered the cement. 

As odd as it may sound, this part of the process was the most scary to me.  It's a good thing these guys are professionals!  I mean, they have to make sure enough (and not too much!) cement is poured and that they don't get any extra on the neighboring decorative rocks, grass and bushes.  

That boom from which the cement comes out of the truck swings around very freely. Several times I thought one of the workmen would get knocked on the head by it, but somehow disaster was avoided every time with no patience lost or bad words spoken. Are the guys really that nice or was it because a lady was standing nearby?

While my last paragraph described what I think is the scariest part of the job, this picture shows what is probably the hardest -- getting it smoothed out and beautiful. I don't know if I made the guys nervous as I stood over them, but it's my driveway and I wanted to see how they do things. I stayed out of the way and didn't say anything except the occasional words of appropriate awe and appreciation.

After they were done, the new driveway was truly a work of art.  We stayed off of it for 24 hours and then we could only walk on it.

Now the caution tape and wood stakes have been removed, but we can't park on it until Friday. We are still watching cement dry.

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  1. I'm glad I finally had a chance to read this post ad see the finished result, Barbara. It now looks beautiful! Did they resolve the Bentonite problem so this does not happen again? Hope all is well with your extended family and friends now.