Sunday, April 6, 2014

When I Lived in Darkness

my sun-filtered dining room in Colorado a few days ago

We moved from sunny Colorado Springs to cloudy Seattle in 1978.  The moving truck found our  house a couple of days before Thanksgiving and the rain was frequent. I was busy with three small children, a strong-willed dog, unpacking, and making sure my husband had clean clothes to wear to to his new job.

I also busied myself with Christmas -- unpacking holiday decor  while enrolling our eldest son in a new school and all the pathos that came with that. If it wasn't raining outside, it was cloudy.  It was always too cold and wet for the children to play outside, rain or not. The dog (whose name was Chipper) always had to get his feet wiped dry and often his back toweled off after coming inside from doing his business.

A large, beautiful green forest was behind our house, on the south and up an incline, blocking most of what light could filter through the Cedar tree branches. Cloudy, shady, call it what you will, lamps and ceiling lights were a necessity at all times of the day and I was not used to that.

Then one morning the sun poked through and sunlight came streaming between the tree branches to land like bright wavy ribbons on our dining room wall.  It was a striking sight and by then so unfamiliar that I actually cried tears of joy.  This was my first understanding that I am one of those people who needs sunlight to have a cheerful outlook on -- everything!

We are created to require light, enough to enable us to see where we are going. We need light to know which directions to take on the sidewalk and in our car -- and in our life choices. 

The best illumination we can get for our decisions is from God's Word, Scripture, the Holy Bible. God created us so He therefore knows what we require, what will meet our needs. 

We cannot function with any hope of blessing or success without the clarifying light that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ, reading Scripture, prayer, and fellowship with like-minded believers.  With God's help, our way is made brighter, as He intended.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.
Psalm 119:105

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