Sunday, April 20, 2014

Unprepared for Easter

preparing my Easter dinner table

I was in the fourth grade and had probably spent Saturday afternoon on my roller skates (the kind that clamped onto my saddle oxfords with the help of a special key worn around my neck on a string).  

That year my family lived in a huge apartment complex of many buildings connected with ribbons of wide concrete walks.  A small crowd of neighbor kids, both girls and boys, would skate with happy abandon for hours on end in and around the apartment buildings.  When we got tired, we would plop down on the green California grass and then resume our travel when our energy returned.  

It was Easter weekend, so the plan was for my mother to wash my hair and put it up in curlers before I went to bed.  The dress she had sewn for me was pressed and ready, so all that remained was to do was my hair.

I probably didn't drink enough water that day and got dehydrated because by evening I had a terrible headache.  I lay down on my bed and apparently fell deeply asleep.  My mother chose to not wake me since I obviously needed the rest.

Easter morning dawned beautiful, but my hair was not.  This was back in the days before blow dryers and electric curling irons were invented, so I had to go to church with less-than-pretty hair.  Even as a ten-year-old, that bothered me.

At least I had a new dress to wear, which looked even better with a net petticoat under the skirt to give it a fun flair.  But I didn't give  thought to the importance of wearing a soft slip between the scratchy net petticoat and the skin of my bare legs. The outcome of that was an uncomfortable experience of trying to sit still in church.

Nobody likes to feel unprepared, late, or at a loss for the big experiences of life. The memory of that Easter in my childhood has stayed with me.  I try hard to be ready for the big events in life, and as a result have accumulated stories of both success and failure because I'm just human and that's the way life is.

But there is one thing I know for certain that I am prepared to do and that is to meet my Maker, God Himself, when He calls me out of this earthly life. It won't matter if the end of my life is the culmination of a long illness or if it comes with no warning whatsoever. The issue of my eternity was settled long ago when I realized I wasn't good enough to get myself into heaven. I needed Jesus Christ.

Let us draw near to God
with a sincere heart and
with the full assurance that faith brings…
Hebrews 10:22

Now is the best time to prepare for eternity. If you want to read more about how to do that, I have written a short article about it. Click here to see it.

the empty tomb
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Have a blessed Easter!

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