Friday, April 18, 2014

Time for Trail Mix

Carrot Dish from Mary

Easter is nearly here, Spring has arrived, and that means before much longer, Denise and I will be hitting the hiking paths again. I have lost count how many long hikes we took last year, but we enjoyed them all, and at least once I supplied munchies for both of us.

When I first began to eat gluten-free, one of my first concerns was snacks, you know, those times when you need to set the strict diet aside to eat something salty and/or sweet.  I am usually content with a handful of fresh grapes and about 1/8 cup of nuts or some hard cheese, but sometimes I fall back on Trail Mix.

What I've discovered is that Trail Mix is so easy.  Open a box of cereal, combine that with some dark chocolate chips*, a container of nuts, and one or two kinds of dried fruit. Coconut is nice, too, if you happen to have any on hand. The hardest part is getting it thoroughly mixed together in a large bowl without spilling it onto the counter!

I use Rice Chex cereal since it's gluten-free.  In the mix that is pictured above, I used M&Ms for more color and because it was being taken to a church meeting.  As you probably already know, the M&Ms "melt in your mouth and not in your hand", per the old TV commercials.  (But I'm not convinced that they are gluten-free.)

This particular mix also has dried cranberries, dried pineapple, and a mixture of unsalted, roasted nuts from the health foods store. I can't give you specific amounts to use of each ingredient -- just however much you want.  I do think, however, that with this particular batch I should have used only half or 3/4 of the box of cereal.  

I keep the mix in an air-tight container in the pantry, but you can freeze it, too.  Serving it in a cute dish is always fun if you're serving it on movie night at home.

* Use gluten-free chocolate chips. Nestle's Toll House real semi sweet mini morsels are a good choice for this recipe.

Just a note here about packaged gluten-free foods:

Not all pre-package gluten-free foods will state that they are gluten-free on the front of the package.  If you are new to this game, take the time to always read the labels to determine if a product is gluten-free before paying for it (or you will pay for it!). If it does not specifically say "gluten free", it may or may not be.  

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  1. This is a very nice recipe, Barbara. I will have to make some for my gluten free DIL and grandsons to munch on when they visit. I usually have corn chips and guacamole ready for them but this would be a nice change.

    Have a very Happy and Blessed Easter!