Monday, April 7, 2014

Three Gifts Waited For

my precious little family in 1978

It's Monday, so I'm looking at Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare, a calendar with suggestions of things for which to be thankful on each day of the year. "Three Gifts Waited For" is today's challenge.

Of course I think of my three children and the months spent waiting for their births.  My kids are all grown up now and have given me nine grandchildren. They don't like for me to post their current photos on my blog, so I dug through an old album to find some that are from ages ago. I found this crazy one -- if a person can't laugh at themselves, then they need to lighten up!

A friend took this first picture one Easter morning as we exited the church building, stepping out into the brilliant sunshine with no warning that somebody had a camera ready! 

The oldest son is holding up something he made in Sunday School. The second son (as well as his daddy) is actually sort of smiling at the camera. Our daughter is not quite one year old, and me, well, I'm the one with her eyes closed and her mouth open!

I think about what it was like to wait for each one of our children to be born. This was back in the days when we had no inkling of the baby's gender until they were delivered. Aside from the initial three months of morning sickness, my pregnancies went well.

Baby Number One came nearly 2 weeks early, Baby Number Two was just a few days early, and Baby Number Three came over a week late!  When I look back on those days, I marvel that any of us survived my bumbling attempts to get pregnancy and parenting right. There was one time in particular (about which I will NOT elaborate) when even our dog struggled to cope with my hormonal mood swings.

But the time of waiting for the birth of each of our children proved to be immensely satisfying. Our children have both similarities and great differences in how they have turned out. 

One is a pilot and a strategic planner, one a web designer and graphic artist, and one spent years singing and dancing with the most famous mouse in the world but and is now a full-time homemaker.

Beloved and I are extremely thankful for our children.  They give us great joy, along with their spouses and their children. Through them we have learned about God, ourselves, and how God seeks to relate to humanity. 

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