Thursday, April 10, 2014

Superbly Sliced

During this Easter season when hard-boiled eggs are so popular, there is a handy little tool I like to use.  It is by no means essential to cooking success, but it sure is fun and gives perfectly-sliced eggs every time.

It is also safe to use, as opposed to wielding a sharp knife. This is a task you could give your children or grandkids to help you in the kitchen.

Simply hard-boil your egg, peel it.  With this little gadget, lift up the wire slicer, place the peeled egg in the "nest", then lower the wire slicer.  Voila! You will have the most perfect egg slices to place artfully on top of your salad.

Green salad with sliced eggs, cooked carrot slices, and
Perdue Simply Smart Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders Gluten-Free

The only "bad" thing about this tool is that while it's great fun to use, the fun lasts for only the blink of an eye! Find this egg slicer at just about any store that sells kitchen gadgets.


  1. I've used an egg slicer my entire life! My Mother had one and it was a gadget I bought my first year of marriage.

    I have to look for those Perdue gluten free chicken tenders! Does King Soopers or Safeway have them?

  2. Pat, I found the Perdue Chicken Tenders at Safeway. They really are an encouragement to the gluten-free diet!